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How long does mayo last?

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I made my mayo 4 days ago (first home made mayo ever!!!!) Can I still eat it today for lunch?


It's egg heavy (I used 2 egg yolks and a little under a cup of olive oil- and a whole lemon. I love-love the flavor of raw egg yolk (but not cooked for some reason)

The eggs came out of a friend's back yard and sat around all day. Not SURE if they were laid that day or a few days ago and sat in the coupe... obviously the mayo was good when I made it. I ate it and didn't get sick.

The recepie I used said to use the mayo within 3 days which is why I am asking.

Raw eggs sorta make me nervous (I eat sunny side up and soft boiled all the time, but that is fresh out of the shell)

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Back when I started working in grocery stores in the 1970s, it was common to sell eggs that were a month old. We did not have health issues because of old eggs back then. So take it from an old timer, there is no danger from old eggs unless they stink.


I have eaten homemade mayo that was 2 weeks old. I usually finish a batch within one week, but have eaten two week old may several times. Not a problem at all. 

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The things I do for this board!! ;) :lol:

I now have a bonus contribution to the question of "how long does homemade mayo last"! My work life can be somewhat off, and there are periods when I'm not at home for a long time.
Over Thanksgiving I made mayo & ended up with a little bit leftover.  My roommates didn't eat it, and so when I got back this past weekend, I noticed it was still in the fridge.


I was a little skurred to open the jar and take a peek, but I needn't have worried: it smelled great, and the emulsification was intact.


Yes I ate it. :ph34r:

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