full but feeling light headed

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After lunch today around 2pm I was feeling rather light-headed, a feeling a usually associate with having low blood sugar. When this happened to me pre-whole30 (not a common thing) I would usually just have a piece of fruit. I am however trying not to use fruit in this way any more so I had some sweet potato instead but it was kinda hard to get it down as I was still full from lunch.

I've been battling with my energy levels see-sawing all this week, (I'm only on day 8 so have been expecting this) but just wanted to check- has anyone else been through this (full but light headed) and is it a bad thing to just have some fruit or is there something else I should try?

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I don't drink enough water some days and can feel a little lightheaded. Two glasses of water often solve the problem for me.

It would help to know what you had for breakfast and lunch and how much water you have been drinking.

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pre-WO: handful of almonds

post-WO: chicken breast

Breakfast: scrambled eggs (2) with a banana and some berries (more sugar than normal, I've been having 2 eggs & vegies normally)

lunch: turkey mince meatballs, tomato-based sauce with leeks, mushrooms and capers and celeriac mash

water: probably almost a litre by the time I started feeling light-headed and a couple of cups of green tea as well

It could just be detox, as I said, I've been all over the place this first week. I'm pretty confident that I'm eating enough. I'm not having my usualy between-meal snacks as I'm making more of an effort to distinguish between hunger signals and boredom ;) but my portion sizes are normal.

Thanks guys :) If it continues, I'll be more concerned. I had really low iron levels for a long time so I get a little paranoid about any symptoms that could be related back to my levels dropping again. :o

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