No Bread, No Beer, No Probems!


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Hello fellow Whole30'ers,


Just felt like checking in here on Day 6.  I am happy to report that the "Hangover" phase was surprisingly mild for me,  I experiences a couple of days of fatigue, especially after work in the evening.  It felt like I just couldn't keep my eyes open after work, I could have just gone to sleep at 8pm if I had wanted to.  I had a couple slight headaches, but nothing that was too bad or lasted long.  I think that taking walks in the evening after dinner helps, and I feel like I am starting to sleep a little better on days that I get some exercise after dinner.


the food has been going well too!  I am surprised I have not been craving the after work beer (or 3), or the copious amount of bread that I used to eat, but so far so good in that aspect.  I have been cooking and prepping a lot, but find myself getting a little stressed out when I don't have the exact ingredients on hand, or have to whip up a batch of mayo or sauce on the fly.  It is not that making the mayo or sauce is hard, and it only takes a few minutes, but I guess it is just the fact that it adds time to the meal prep and even more so that I have to clean up that many more dishes afterwards.  I love cooking, but I am not a fan of the clean up afterwards.  I do my best to clean up as I go, but sometimes the dirty dish aftermath from making a meal seems so daunting. 


I am about to go shopping for this weeks meals, and I am going to take a crack at setting my own menu for the week.  This first week I followed the 7 day menu in the Whole30 book.  Has anyone else had similar experiences with their first week, or any tips for planning their own menu, or dealing with the dish-pocalypse after making a meal.  I look forward to hearing from you guys!



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All I can say is that if you have a friend or a significant other who is free to spend an afternoon or morning and a subsequent dinner or lunch with you, invite them to do a cooking adventure with you after you've gone shopping with your meal plan in mind. That way you'll have help with the prep and (if they're courteous) help with the cleanup! Plus, they get a really good meal out of it along with a nice visit hanging out with their friend. Make LOTS of extra servings so you have leftovers for the week ahead (you can even freeze some in pre-portioned tupperwares in case of repeat-food-boredom), and you've gotten yourself an awesome week or several days at least of prepared foods with potentially half the work of getting it prepped and all put away!

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