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Day 1 restart.


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Ugh it didn't post....here it is.


3 eggs. Avo. Coffee w coc cream.


2 eggs with sautéed onion in olive oil. 1/2 avo. Small handful nuts.


Ate out at Mexican restaurant. Ordered chicken and shrimp fajitas with extra guac. Of course didn't eat tortillas or chips and salsa.

Coffee w coc cream.

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So, I guess I'm an emotional eater :( tough day and although I did well and stayed compliant with most of my day, once I got home tonight, I voluntarily decided I'd restart tomorrow just to enjoy some non-compliant treats. Now, I get to deal with regret. Ugh.

Really don't want to keep living in "restart mode". Praying for strength and belief in myself tomorrow!!

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I'm an emotional eater also! I've thought about "cheating" and "just starting over" many times but then I think: "I might not be able to come back. I may never be able to get back to day x." and "It's only 30 days. Maybe once in my life. I can do this."

I don't agree that it's "not hard." It may not be hard for some people. But disordered eating is real and this stuff runs deep. Lord knows it isn't easy, at least not for someone like me.

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