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Starting June 20th, can't wait!!


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Hi Everyone!


My name's Kate, I'm based on Scotland and I'm starting Whole 30 on the 20th June!


I've been reading up on it/exhausted all the blogs for ages so really looking forward to getting started. Only reason I'm waiting till the 20th is that I move in on my own (for the first time in 24 years!) around then and currently jointly cook with a flatmate so figured it be easier to wait till I'm in my own space.


How is everyone doing who has began Whole 30? Is anyone else starting on that date or around then? Any hints or tips anyone can give for a successful Whole 30?


I'd love to hear other people's perspectives on the plan.


Hope to hear from you soon!


Kate x 

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Hey Kris! I'm happy to know I'll be in the same boat as someone :) 


I've been practicing recipes in the run up to it and trying to cut back on certain things so it seems like less of a shock!


I'll be cheering you on from here too!  :D

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