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Officially starting today!!!


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Okay so I am officially starting today!!!

I ate about 75-80% Whole30(ish) last week except for one birthday party and one breakfast out. I knew I had the party and restraunt meal (which I only go out to eat like 3 times a year and this was a cheap family place with nothing compliant on the menu except maybe dressingless, cheeseless, bacconless salad) but I was eager to start so I sorta did a "soft start" and am starting officially today.

During "soft start" I was basically "not a diet nazi" and I didn't "freak out" about one chip, dipping my coconut chicken into my daughter's ketchup a few times, had a slice of the fancy bread my dad brought over, finished my little bit of brei, used normal butter etc.

Thoughts from last week's "soft start":

Feeling full on whole 30 meals!

Can't always eat my whole plate!

Food "lasts" for HOURS in tummy!!

Slight tummy ache after eating maybe half the time (too much protine or fat?)

Chicken and lean ground beef starts looking very unappealing (making beef stew tonight)

The one day I had bread for breakfast I was hungry in 2 hours!

Nuts taste better then chips (had one chip and was so glad I had my nuts instead)

So much fat!

Fat makes you full

Cooked veggies keep you fuller then raw

Even when you get hungry it's hunger you can deal with- not the "I'M GONNA DIE!!!" Hunger of usual

Lost weight during "soft start" (2 potato chips, 2 oz dark chocolate, a little ketchup, a little mustard, and brei, and a peice of bread and cheat day included!)

Points fall almost the same when you eat fat but no sugar and little starch

Expensive (even without free range etc)

Why is there sugar in meat products?! Why is there sugar in EVERYTHING?!?

Home made mayo tastes better.

What I am hoping to get out of this:

Break sugar addiction

Make fruit taste super sweet (and subtler sweet, like yams, tomatoes, nuts etc taste the sweetness again)

Lose weight

More energy

Learn what makes me feel good and feel full and comfortable for hours

Eat to hunger

Stable emotions less stress

For junk food to not be appealing/tempting


Potential hurdles:




Takes a lot of physical time and thought energy

Added stress (see above: time, money, planning, being a nazi always in gaurd etc)

Being a "diet nazi"

Temptation for off plan foods

Wanting to be "normal" around family social functions etc

Eating around my family

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