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My first Whole 30


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Day 1:

Breakfast: (7:30)

3 egg omelette with mushroom (both fresh and reconstituted dried fancy mushrooms soaked over night), onions, garlic, green onions, garden fresh basal and herbs.

Cooked in lots of oil (which the mushrooms absorbed)

2 peices of baccon

Black coffee


Didn't eat it all. Left about a fourth. Full (also not thrilled with it).

Fancy dried mushrooms were rubbery and not great. Won't buy again. Needs something fresh tasting like raw tomatoes and/or maybe lemon?


Mild headache, tired, extremely "stressed out". Late for work, daughter acting out. Lots of cooking/buying/money/time reading lables/searching for good food etc. Less time for hobbies. No time to unwind. So much more to worry about: having lunch ready every day, pre cutting veggies for breakfast prep...

Lunch: (12:15)

Skinless boneless chicken thighs (2 thighs, about a palm worth) over broccoli (maybe... 2 cups? Hard to tell, in a tupperware box)

Fruit (mixed berries, slightly more then a fist, maybe a fist if compacted very tightly) coconut milk to cover



Started getting hungry at 11:30 but not like enough to stop what I was doing and eat.

-wish I had some nuts, or baccon- somthing crunchy for the broccoli. Tastes very boring. Chicken and fruit is good.

Craving celery (think I just want something crunchy)

Wasn't hungry at work! This is astonishingly! I am always starving come 4:30


Making dinner, nibbled on dinner, sampled, taste, stole a bit of baccon, stole a sauteed mushroom, taste broth- needs salt: etc

Dinner:. Gascon style beef stew (8:O0)

Took FOREVER to cook!

Hungry but not dyingly hungry (probably from preparation nibbles)

-beef, baccon, onions, garlic, carrots, parsnips, mushrooms, grape juice with apple cider vinegar (as wine), beef broth, Baker's Chocolate

Too sweet

Too sour/sharp

Would be much better with REAL wine. Will have to make again after whole 30.

Felt a little sick to my stomach after eating.

Needs to be served over a baked potato with a side salad to thin it out

End of day notes:

This way of eating keeps me nice and full

Food is taste and satisfying

I need to get some Baker's Chocolate just to eat by it's self (what??)

Need to have more variety of meats and veggies

Need to go shopping

Try a new recepie a week so I don't get bored

Lots of hard work and prep. It's 8:30, I want to relax or clean my house.... but I have to make food for tomorrow.

So much stress

So.... much... cooking.... ugh!

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Woke up with a ...slightly unwell feeling. Could be that I ate too late or that the stew was too sweet or intense?

Breakfast: 7:30

Fruit with coconut milk

3 eggs

Coffee with coconut milk

Delishious and filling but I was hungry again at 10:30

(But it was tolerable/ignorable if I was doing somthing engaging)

Lunch: 12:00

That stew from last night over a baked sweet potato with celery and nuts.

Celery was not delishious- I forced myself to eat it as a non starchy vegetable - yuck! Needs almond butter or tuna.... celery by it's self is aweful.

Soup was improved with 24 hour time plus potato

Tummy ache after eating

Snack: hungry at 4:00 like usual

Had the rest of my lunch (didn't finish it all)

Hurt my tummy again (but I have a lot left... don't wanna)

Snack:. Peice of 100% Baker's chocolate

Been Craving: brei and chocolate... not nessesarily together. Man, could I go for some chicken and brei for dinner and chocolate mousse for dessert... or chocolate milk...

Dinner: 8:30

Tuna with whole made mayo (about a palm worth)

Canned spinach and canned green beans (feeling lazy) (about a palm worth each)

1/2 apple with almond butter (just almonds and salt)

Veggies tastes super boring

Gee tasted like "not half as good as butter"

Apple with almond butter was delishious and I felt much better after eating it (I ate it first because it was what I had an appetite for.)

Was gonna make cauliflower rice with almonds and coconut and fish with home made tarter sause but I was so lazy

Day 2 notes:

Very tired all day, wanted to sleep. Not thinking clearly. Very mild (ignorable) headache.

Dinners have all been super late. Lots of work goes into cooking and I don't usually feel motivated to cook till I feel hungry.

Wanted to eat the brown stuff left over from the gee (like slightly burnt curdled milk)

I think I am craving dairy! I have gone 2 weeks without milk, cheese, or butter before (like when I was out of completely out of money), so why am I craving diary now?

Slight tummy ache (probly too much fat...)

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Breakfast:. 7:30 am

3/4th of an adidas sausage

1 egg

1 green smoothy (cucumber, celery, parsley, cilantro, touch of basal, lemon)

A few raspberries as not-so-fantastic smoothy chasers

Smoothy was not delishious- but I had to get my veggies in, and it felt nice and healthy. Would have tasted better as juice (the flavor was okay, the pulp was yucky) but I don't have a juicer.


Mild headache. I feel "like I am being healthy".

10:30:. Cooking class

Had sushi. Only non compliant ingredient is the rice (I am pretty sure I have no issue with rice as I am part Japanese, but I suspect they would want me to stat over for the "sake" of it.)

So, soooo good.

Was "too early" to eat and will throw off my scedual.

No regrets! Haven't had sushi in AGES! Over a year! So good!

Sea weed, rice, vinegar, fish, avacado, carrot, cucumber. Yum! :)


Lunch: 1:30 (as late as I was allowed to take it)

(As late as I was allowed to take it)

Tuna from last night, spinach, nuts, apple with almond butter water


Dinner: 9:00

Went shopping, then had to cook- still feels like so much work!!!!

I have veggies and frozen chicken again tho!!!!

Cauliflower rice with coconut and almond (good! Would make a good fried rice)

Eggs Benedict (sause came out lousy- like I scratched!bless the egg yolks instead of that lovely creamy sause it was lumpy.... tasted good tho.



Eating waaaay too late! Cooking needs to be stream-lined so it takes less work and i can eat earlier! Biggest problem I am having is that it is soooooooooooo much work!

Decided not to start over just b/c of 2 table spoons of rice.

Spent all day agonizing over whether to "just have a chocolate milk shake and start over tomorrow - or just forget about the table spoon of rice and pretend it never happened.

I decided between the two it was healthier for me to forget about the rice, rather then binge on milk, cheese, and sugar to justify a restart.

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