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Day 11, feeling great, but something is off.

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Hi All,

My husband and I have committed to the full thirty days.  We have not cheated once and feel and look better already!


Quick question for you;

For the past few days, my body feels as though it might be going through Ketosis or something.  I feel great but also feel as though something is missing.  I feel very hungry even after a well-rounded meal and just feel as though something is off with my body.


Anyone else experience this?

Is there something I could eat to stop it?

Should I just wait a few more days for it to pass?


Appreciate your thoughts on the matter.



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What kinds of symptoms are you having that makes you think you're in ketosis?


In general, if you're hungry, eat more.  :) 

It would help to get an idea of what your eating and fluid consumption has looked like over the past few days, so we can give you appropriate feedback.


Can you post a few days worth of your meals, including snacks and portion sizes, along with your daily water consumption, and we can see if anything stands out?


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Thanks Chris!


Light headed and shaky.  Also have a twitch in my left eye brow.  Does not go away when I eat more meat, vegetables, nuts or avacados.


Lunch yesterday was a salad with chicken and ginger dressing.

Supper was turkey meatballs and spinach salad with oil and vinegar dressing.

Breakfast this morning was eggs, avocado and spinach, and coffee with coconut milk.

Just had a snack of Turkey meatballs, hot tea and melons.


Maybe I just need a few more days.  It's not terrible, just off. 


Thanks for your help.  I have to leave the house now, but will be back to check in later.



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From your symptoms, I'm guessing you're either not eating and/or drinking enough, and/or you may not be salting your food. 

It's hard to tell portion sizes from what you've listed. Have you seen the meal template? For best results, we recommend following this template of 1-2 palms of protein, 1-3 cups of veggies and the recommended amount of a healthy fat at each meal to build meals that satiate you for 4-5 hours.  (Note that your husband's protein portions are likely to be bigger than yours, as I'm guessing he has bigger hands.)

How much water are you drinking daily? We recommend 1/2 oz per pound of body weight, daily. So, for example, if you weigh 150 lbs, you'd drink at least 75 oz of water daily.

I'm seeing lots of greens and salad: you'd need to eat a huge mixing bowl of those to keep satiated (or add another veggie), as they wilt down to nothing in your stomach.

Are you eating any starchy veggies on a regular basis? I'd try getting in at least a fist-sized serving of a starchy veggie daily, to see if that helps.


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Thank you so much for this.


Looking at what you have written, I don't think I am eating enough and I should add some baked potatoes in with some meals.


I'll do it.


Thank you for your kind and quick responses.





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