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Striving for optimum health...

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Thanks so much for the check in Amy! :D It has been long time no blog huh! Well fortunately it's not because anything is wrong, in fact everything is going wonderfully. You would think that with not having had full time hours this week that I would have found time to check in but alas.

Anywho, I'm not going to be able to remember exactly all my meals from the last 4 days Oct 17-20 and Whole 30 days 17-20 but they've all been Whole30 and I'm feeling great. Here's a summary of eats, activity, and observations...

Breakfasts: have all some form of pumpkin + 2 eggs + spinach or banana + 2 eggs + spinach pancakes topped with pumpkin and/or figs and coconut milk. A couple of days I added some bacon and always had coffee with coconut milk on the side. Monday-Friday I eat breakfast around 6:30am and then lunch at 1:30 so I'm loving these satiating breakfasts! I do keep a little bag of nuts and raisins with me at work but haven't needed them with these wonderfully filling morning meals.

Beverages: I've always chugged a pint glass full of water (with my thyroid meds) as soon as I wake up in the morning. Since starting Whole30 I've been adding a tbsp or two of raw apple cider vinegar as well - for the probiotics and alkalinizing effect. I'm enjoying it so much that I've started drinking vinegar water when I do my strength circuit workouts at home as well. Also making sure to drink my bottle of water throughout my morning at work in addition to sipping coffee. Maple Ceylon tea with coconut milk plus more water in the late afternoon is my new favorite way to unwind.

Lunches: Either leftover homemade slowcooked pork chop and root veggie stew or a combination of green salad, avocado, meat/fish, and squash or sweet potato. The pork chops are soo delicious and wonderfully filling - making some more this week!

Dinners: Usually some form of meat and root veggie stew with home cooked red cabbage - loving the cabbage as well so I picked up another. My favorite way to cook it is to slice it, put it in a big pot with about 1/4 ACV, 1/2 cup water, little sea salt, and a couple handfuls of raisins. Cook it on medium high for 20 to 30 minutes or until slightly tender - not too tender though. So delicious as cold leftovers as well.

First meal out: Met up with a friend of mine I haven't seen in a while for dinner at a little Thai restaurant on Friday evening. Thai menus make it pretty easy to chose something Whole30 compliant so I got the duck with veggies. No rice of course but to be honest I don't usually get any with asian cuisine. There was a light (not goopy) sauce on it which I didn't even think about beforehand that likely had some soy in some form or another but I wasn't/am not worried about it. I'm not worried about perfection just health! :D Very enjoyable all around.

Snacks: Haven't been needing any morning snacks and rarely need an afternoon snack. When I do it's a big local apple or nuts and raisins. Evening snack is either fruit 'cobbler' or the nuts, raisins, and unsweetened chocolate combo.

Workouts: Each weekday I've been doing a 20-45 min walk with my pup after breakfast/before work. Then in the afternoon either strength training or running for ~ 30 minutes. Am going to do a bike ride with my mom today and likely a morning walk + pm strength combo tomorrow. I like getting ~60 minutes of activity total in most days (since my job is sedentary) but like to keep the more intense stuff to 30 minutes max. It's good for me to have both goals to strive for and limits to keep me healthy and happy. :D

Energy/Health: Feeling quite awesome overall! After the last several months of near total exhaustion, I was worried I would never say that! Obviously cutting back on exercise (which I was doing a ton of for my fitness job) played a big role in my feeling better, I would never feel as good as I do without Whole30. The Whole 30/Whole9 way of eating is the only thing that has gotten rid of my terrible IBS-D symptoms. I've been mentally/emotionally excited to start a family for a long time but it wasn't until very recently that I've felt physically well enough to do so - yey! I also think that the new way of eating will be extremely helpful in the success of our trying to conceive (when we do).

Well gotta run - hope everyone is having a great weekend. Will try to be better about posting this week - I'm in for at least 45 days if not much longer! :D

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Alright let's see how recapping at night goes - two days to cover...

Sunday Oct 23, Day #23

Breakfast: 2 egg + banana + lots of spinach pancake topped with pumpkin, cooked strawberries, coconut milk, bacon and spcies. Coffee and coconut milk on the side. Great fuel for...

20 mile bike ride

Lunch: Sweet potato 'bread', smoked salmon, avocado, cooked red cabbage, romaine, pico de gallo - not as filling after bike ride as I would have hoped so I was tired and hungry for...

Snack: Big portion (2x the usual) of cashews, raisins, and unsw chocolate (and a long nap!)

Dinner: Sausage, avocado, pico de gallo, sweet potato bread, green salad

PM snack: fruit 'cobbler'

Monday October 22nd

Breakfast:2 egg + banana + lots of spinach pancake topped with pumpkin, cooked strawberries, coconut milk, bacon and spcies. Coffee and coconut milk on the side. (Overall a little too much and felt uncomfortably full)

45 min walk with pup

Lunch: Green Salad, avocado, sardines, sweet potato 'bread', pico de gallo (nice lighter meal since I was still a little full from breakfast even though it was 7 hours later!)

Snack: Cashews, raisins, unsweetened choc

30 min strength circuit type workout

Dinner: Mashed sweet potatoes with coconut milk, pork chop, cooked red cabbage (Filling but not stuffed, much better!)

*May have a bit of nuts, raisins, and unsw choc this evening

Nothing too different going on observation wise just still feeling great overall. Am doing much better with eating nice filling meals I just need to not overdue it to point of being uncomfortable - the possibility of snacking is better than that!

Didn't love being tired and overly hungry from my bike ride yesterday. Really like a nice balanced approach to activity - I know, not earth breaking news for most but for me I'm so loving not HAVING to be active to make a living!

Hope all is well with everyone! :D

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Hope you're doing well Jenny! You must be done with your 30 days now, right? Either way, congrats on the great work. Can't wait to hear how you're doing :)

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