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June 7 is day 2


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Hi all!

My name is Karyn, and today is my second day. My husband is doing this with me, it's the first time he's ever volunteered to join me when I change my eating habits-so much easier this way! So far so good, mostly. He's doing better on water than I am, but I'll get that sorted eventually. I am having a bit of a rumbly tummy, but that's pretty normal for me whatever I'm eating! We are doing the keep it simple method at this point, just BBQ-ing and roasting from the appropriate groups. As we get more comfortable with what we can eat, we might get more adventurous with actual recipes. I'm trying to be patient on my garden-today we did get lettuce and radishes today, but I'm dying to eat a zucchini!!

Looking forward to the group support!

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Hi Karyn,

My name is Maria and today is my third day! I'm finding it good so far, although I am experiencing bloating.

I tried Zoodles for the first time today and they tasted better than I imagine.....they were delicious!!!' My husband loved them.

You should go on Pintrest, there are lots of recipes on there!

Good luck with it!!!

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