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Things I've learned as I start Day 1 for the 4th time....


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I started my Whole 30 in earnest after a few weeks of planning on May 16 this year.  I made it to Day 20...or so I thought.  It was a great experience, wasn't hungry, picked up some great recipes,  energy levels waxing strong, then suddenly hit a wall. Just really didn't feel good.  Then I had this conversation with a moderator. Things I learned then and a few a-ha's I had afterwards:


(1)yes, the small amount of soy in the brine my husband used on the smoked chicken for Memorial Day DOES count.  She didn't say I HAD to start over, but the article she had me read, strongly suggested it.

(2) the cough drops I pop in the middle of the night...Ricola All Natural...well the first ingredient is ...you guessed it...SUGAR!!

(3) my beloved Vietnamese chili garlic sauce that adds such a kick to my scrambled eggs..."sodium bisulfate used as a preservative."  Who knows how much I ate of that before discovering that.

(4) and while we are at it, there MAY have been a 1/2 teaspoon of unclarified butter on the poached salmon I had at a cookout in week 2.


OK....so I skipped the donuts and the cupcakes that accosted me at work, but I wasn't working the plan to the fullest so I made the tough decision to start over this MOnday with a new day 1


Day 1 Take 2:

(1) at the end of a stressful day at work, I realize that the Gaviscon that I have been popping periodically all afternoon are actually compressed sugar and some other stuff. Take away: carry Tagamet with me for indigestion


Day 1 Take 3:

Didn't have time to make lunch for work.  Ate in the hospital cafeteria.  The roasted chicken, the balsalmic spinach, and some other veggie, I forget now...it all looked  pretty good, but as I ate it, pretty sure I tasted butter.  Just not sure. Take away: PACK your own lunch..know what you are eating!


Will start Day 1 for the FOURTH TIME, tomorrow.  The good thing is I never felt the need to go back to junk food just because of the inadvertent slip up.  I'm thinking as I've been pretty disciplined, maybe the REAL plan will flow a bit easier!  Fingers crossed.

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