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Starting 8th June - TODAY!


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I'm starting my first Whole 30 today, Wednesday 8th June. Is anyone else starting today/ this week?


I've done a bit of a soft start Monday Tuesday this week to try and ease me into it, although had a couple of pick and mix at the office for the last time!


My main reasons are to gain a better relationship with food, and myself :) I started a new health kick at the beginning of the year, and lost 10lbs! However, May was a bit disrupting for me with work and holidays which meant I put on 7lbs again which is so annoying. This was mainly because I allow myself to eat rubbish food when I'm not in a normal routine. I want to reset my relationship with food so that I always make the right choices for my health and Whole 30 seemed like a great way to do this. 


Looking forward to my journey although I'm nervous!



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Hello Kayo!


I, too, am starting the Whole30 today! I'm excited to see that there will be someone else on the journey over the same time frame as myself! Let's do this!



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