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June 8th -- Day 1


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Hello Whole30 friends! I am very excited to be here and making this positive change in my life!


I am a 26 year old woman who has been given a dual diagnosis of Polycycstic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and diabetes type 2. I have not done much in the last 1.5 years since diagnoses but my most recent A1C has me very concerned and I know I need to do something major to lower that number by my next check-up. I attempted the Whole30 once in the past but was living at home with my parents and younger sister, who were not complying, so it was difficult and I didn't have the drive/motivation to keep it up past 1.5 weeks. Now, however I live alone and am ready to change my lifestyle.


On top of beginning the Whole30 journey I am trying to start running and doing my best to workout daily. I just started using a running app today that is supposed to train me. Although day one is only the beginning the fact that I actually woke up to my early alarm just to get a workout in is beyond amazing (this girl loves her some sleep...and lots of it!). 


I weighed in today (post workout) and was pleased to see that the activity changes I've made in the last week have aided in a 1lb weight loss. 


While I am looking forward to the weight loss associated with the Whole30 I am also looking forward to beating the sugar dragon into submission and learning to consume foods that will cause minimal blood sugar spikes and hopefully reverse my diabetes for the time being! 


Thanks for reading my intro and for any support that you have to offer!




Every Journey Starts with a Single Step!

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Welcome, C! 


I wish you the best. Starting out on your own is a challenge, but I bet you'll have some amazing adventures too. I'm using a running app as well. It's the C25K. 


Best wishes!

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