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Day 20: Non-Scale Victory!!


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Anyone else see a drop in resting heart rate?  I live in my Fitbit & happened to look @ my heart rate history & was shocked to see it steadily drop the past 20 days.  My diet has of course improved tremendously & I have been exercising a little (cycling 15-20 miles on weekends & weights twice a week) & generally less stressed overall, but this is quite a snapshot! 


I'm on Day 20 of my 2nd Whole30 though it's really my 1st time doing it by the book.  My 1st was in December & I did it to keep myself honest & avoid bad food & alcohol over the holidays.  I indulged on New Year's Eve & had no intention of doing the reintroduction because I didn't think I had any problems with any of the food groups.  I have since read "It Starts With Food" & the Whole30 book & if only I knew then what I know now!!  While I was good about eating compliant food & lost weight, I didn't really change my snacking habits or break my bad relationship with food, I just replaced junk with fruit, nuts, dried fruit, etc. & went back to my old ways in January.  I could be the examples in "ISWF", how eye-opening to see the vicious cycle & understand how hormones, psychology, gut, & inflammation are linked!   


After several more months of trying to get things under control & start losing weight, I finally decided to REALLY do the Whole30 again, by the book.  I feel amazing, I know I've lost weight (because I couldn't stay away from the scale in the beginning but it's a work in progress & I have managed to avoid it), & more importantly I feel like my psychological habits are changing though I'm not perfect & I still have a long way to go.  I try to stick to 3 meals a day & recognize that I shouldn't need to have nuts & a few strawberries in the evenings after dinner, but when I do snack I portion it out vs. grabbing & eating mindlessly from the bag.  Sometimes I recognize that I'm just thirsty & have a La Croix or make tea, or that I'm just bored & find a way to distract myself.  The point is that I've made an amazing amount of progress in 20 short days & I look forward to the rest of my post-W30 life.  

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