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Hello W30 pals. I have a question for you all. I'ce read through some other people's meal plans and it seems like I'm eating a comparable amount, but I have been feeling bloated after eating for the past few days. I have transitioned out of snacking habits, so my meals are a little larger than they used to be. I also read in the timeline that days 8/9 can be higher bloat days. Anyway, here are two sample meals. I'd love some feedback!

Meal one:

Two small-sized hamburgers (about a palm size together), one medium tomato, 1/2 avocado, 1 cup roasted brussel sprouts.

Meal two:

1 cup ground pork/diced apple, half grapefruit, two beets, one egg.

Thanks everyone!!!

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No, this is definitley not too much - in fact I'd go as far as saying you could add in more veg, and certainly more fat to meal two - other than the egg yolk (which I personally don't count) I don't see any...

I'd note that the sprouts, avocado and beets are all high FODMAP foods and can cause bloating in those sensitive too them so it could be that you are over-doing the quantity of FODMAPs you are eating.

Are you getting a good variety of veg in your other meals? It's hard to see a pattern from just two meals.

Please note I'm moving your post to Troublsehooting as I think it fits better there.

Hope this helps  :)

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