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post-5877-0-41154200-1349440886_thumb.jppost-5877-0-26281500-1349440892_thumb.jpSorry, this may not be the place, but I just want to brag for a second. I made mayo last night, first time ever. It turned out Beautiful! I was/am so geeked :D I read the recipe in ISWF, but I also watched the video on The Clothe Make the Girl, she gives a lot of great tips (like can sub apple cider vin for the lemon & the ingredients Really like it when the egg is all room tempy like them :) )

So there, I'm done bragging. For now. Making deviled eggs tonight! and shrimp salad. Maybe some chicken salad.....

Oh, and it's almost creepy how spot on the daily emails have been. This morning-sauces and dressing (Mayo!) It's like they Know me...

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