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1 week down and bad withdrawl?

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I'm approaching my first week of whole 30, and I feel terrible. I have a horrible bloat in which people have asked me if I'm pregnant :(, I'm very irritable, exhausted, and feel kind of light headed and weak. I ate tons of sugar before starting, so am I just going through a bad withdrawal/detox? I've followed the paleo WOE off and on for a while now, but I'll admit, the weeks before starting whole 30 contained massive amounts of sugar.


I've just started taking a digestive enzyme, so hopefully that helps. It's just annoying that my belly seems to be bigger now then it did when I was binging. Or worse, maybe all the binging caught up with me and my belly is a result of my bad choices? Fogginess, lethargy, and light-headed feeling seems to be getting worse. Also, could this be some type of candida die-off process, and I might of had candida? Or is this low-carb flu?


Any suggestions on how to ease this transition process? I understand irritability, digestive issues, and tiredness are common during this time, but I really feel terrible. Here's my food. I know I should probably eat more, but having this huge belly and no appetite makes that hard.


3 eggs


2 slices compliant bacon

Coffee w/ coconut


Salmon Patty


Olive Oil and Apple Cider vinegar for dressing




(sometimes sweet potato, lately not. Maybe some would help?)

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You are probably almost absolutely going through detox and the unpleasant side effects of that and potentially die off.  The way to make the transition better is to eat sufficiently which it doesn't look like you're doing.


Not sure if you ate an entire bunch of asparagus but we recommend 1-3 cups of veggies... I would probably add fat... two pieces of bacon is not much fat...


Your lunch is woefully lacking... one salmon patty, unless huge is not a lot and spinach when it's chewed/wilted down is almost non existent and you would need to eat a bucketful to make an impact... 


Your dinner has no fat and unless you ate 3 cups of broc, you could probably do with more veggies... 


A lot of people, especially women, feel better when they keep at least a fist sized serving of starchy veg in their daily intake so you may feel better eating the sweet potato... 

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So grateful to the amazing moderators here!


LindsayO I am so sorry for your horrible first week experience. Mine was sooooo similar so I'm feeling for you! (Today is Day 16 for me, you can do it!)


I swear that first week was absolutely absurd. I didn't think the migraines would end...I took so many baths to try and help alleviate the discomfort.


Hope it gets better for you soon, especially once you make the dietary change suggestions.  :)

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I am feeling this now and I haven't even started the Whole30, but I have given up everthing except dairy and  bit of maple syrup in my yogurt...the rest is gone...


I think I'm on day 7 of this...and I feel all of the above...hopefully when I start on August 1st, I won't feel so bad since I will have mostly done it for a month and a half...


I am trying to clear a bout of diverticulitis...


How long does this last...?  I feel it especially in the morning....




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