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Day 67 of my Whole150


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I thought I would give an update on my 5 month journey. This started out as a simple Whole30 to try to get my psoriatic arthritis under control (and lose weight!). For the past 6 months or so before starting, I had been in constant pain in my hands and feet and at least once a week, a major joint (hip, shoulder, knee, etc) would flare up as well. My energy levels were in the toilet, I wasn't sleeping and my mood was, well, atrocious. All of that was connected in a vicious circle as well. So that was the main goal to work on.


After 30 days, I felt like I was *just* starting to see an improvement in my daily pain. My sleep was dramatically improved, my energy levels higher (nothing crazy...) and my mood was better but still not stellar. I also lost 12 lbs!


I decided to continue on to a Whole60 to see if my arthritis was really clearing up. Didn't make sense to do reintroductions if my pain level wasn't drastically reduced.


I struggled a lot during that first week after the official 30 days. I had memorized the template by then and my food prep was much more by instinct than really active thought. My sleep worsened and my mood gotten pretty bad. I had terrible food boredom issues. I started logging my food again and made a renewed effort to make delicious meals. I realized I was not getting enough starches or fats. After a few days, I reached my happy point again. I'm now constantly vigilant that my diet needs tweaking to be the best version of Whole30 for me. It doesn't always happen, but I at least know that if something is "off", I'm probably not eating the right things.


I, unfortunately, became weight loss obsessed during the second month as well. I found myself weighing in several days of the week. ARG! I've gotten that back under control - I even forgot to weigh in on day 60 like I told myself I would!


Half way through the second month, my husband finally decided to commit for real (he started 3 or 4 times before) and wanted to do a Whole100. Being supportive, I wholeheartedly agreed and said I would then be doing a Whole150! He lasted a few days...he is still eating *mostly* compliant and is experiencing some weight loss from that, but none of his health issues are any better. Can't force him to do it though...but I'm still going to stick out the Whole150!


I have had several arthritis flares in major joints but my background finger and toe pain has markedly improved. I just got back from a 5 day camping trip. I was at the same park in January. Back then, I barely made the 0.5 mile loop trail before my ankle and foot pain was so bad that I was done. This week, I hiked every day, including taking my 4 and 6 yr old kids on a 3 mile hike with some pretty intense scrambles (and having to carry both of them at the same time through some deep water along flooded trails - it was quite the trip!). I didn't even realize that I was essentially pain-free during the trip until I got back. AMAZING!


So, here's my 67 day wrap-up:


- psoriatic arthritis definitely on the mend! Not perfect, so it's a good reminder that reintroductions need to wait.

- sleep is amazing!

- energy levels are pretty good, I constantly forget starches and I think this is a major factor

- mood is much improved

- stronger nails

- no mindless snacking (I really didn't realize how often I did this - never in large binge-type quantities, but a little here and there ALL THE TIME!)

- I reached 10,000 steps easily a day - I now walk to work again, something that was daunting a few months ago. 

- I started lifting weights! It's been since pre-kids that I did that. I'm still sooo weak!  :P


AND...I've lost 25 lbs!

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