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Advice Wanted: On Day 31, A Ten-Day Conference


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I'm four days from Day 30, and I feel SO GREAT that  if I were staying home the next few weeks I'd probably just continue with W30, maybe a gradual reintroduction, but there's nothing I'm really craving except a nice glass of wine. If that.


But, Day 31 I head out for a ten-day conference, staying in a hotel, eating at someone's home a meal or two. I want to do a very slow reintroduction. It's in a major U.S. city, with a couple of natural foods groceries nearby.  I've checked the nearby restaurants, and think I can get by with ordering grilled fish etc. after interrogating (nicely! with humor!) the waiter.  I'm going to note what those places are so I can be the bright one to suggest them when a group of us go out.


My concern is that I'll think I'm just reintroducing, for example, rice, but that there will be soy laced in something else that I don't know about. Or I'll think I'm just having a glass of wine, and find that the meal with it had, I don't know, something. 


I've only had to eat out twice during my W30, at the very beginning, so I'm leery of not being in control of my own cooking.


Any advice?

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