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Jenna's Whole 30


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This isn't my first rodeo. I've successfully completed a Whole30 about two years ago, but things slip away. I have a fiance now and share many of my meals with him. We have very different eating styles, but I've learned in our nearly two years together that we certainly love junk food!


Anyway, I'm starting today. I've asked him to support me, and follow along if he wants. I've asked him to follow along in the past, and it stressed him out, so I'm simply asking for support and encouragement this time. It's easier. He will eat whatever I make!


I know the rules, but I just haven't followed them in a while. It's going to be a few days of re-learning and remember the meal planning template.


Meal 1:

small sweet potato

1 egg

avocado oil

kefir water


(This is not enough food in the morning, but I don't particularly enjoy eggs anymore. I'll try adding some chicken to that tomorrow).


Meal 2:

sliced turkey



mustard with horseradish


(need more fat)


Meal 3:

herb crusted pork tenderloin

roasted, smashed cauliflower (drizzled with olive oil)

green salad with oil and vinegar




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Yesterday felt good! I had a bit of relief from my normal heartburn, but it is noticeable this morning. It isn't too uncomfortable, I just burp a lot.


Today's meal plan:


Meal 1:

1 egg, over easy

1/3 sauteed sweet potato

1/2 chicken breast grilled

drizzle of olive oil




(I'm writing this at 10:17am, and I'm starting to feel a bit hungry. Need more food!)


Meal 2:


herb crusted tenderloin

mashed cauliflower (made with a bit of coconut milk and chicken broth)

roasted brussel sprouts and carrots


Meal 3:


Big salad - steak, avocado, cilantro dressing, peppers and carrots

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Hey, I'm a week in!


This weekend was a struggle, but I held tight through it all. From Thursday-Saturday, I spent a total of 6 hours handing out ice cream to the team members of my hospital. I didn't have any. 


  • Saturday evening, my family attended a county fair. FAIR FOOD! I settled on a polish sausage with peppers and onions, and some roasted red potatoes. I stayed the evening at my parents house.
  • Sunday morning, my family served bacon and donuts for breakfast. I did my very best and had bacon, an apple, and almond butter.


I know that I made the best decisions possible in all of these circumstances. I'm very proud of my decisions.  Today is a complete hodge-podge. I need to meal prep this evening.

  • Meal 1: banana and almond butter - I wasn't very hungry.
  • Meal 2: roasted chicken, avocaodo and green onions - I'm going to concoct a chicken salad. Orange
  • Meal 3: Buffalo chicken jalapeno boats. - I have to make mayo properly!
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