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W30 Round 4: Hoping to calm my Hashi's


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Hey all!

Not new around here, but it's been awhile since I've been an active participant. I've been trying to get back on the program for awhile, but I just keep making excuse after excuse and now with all the sugar and grains I've been eating, I've caused my Hashimoto's to flare pretty bad and I'll do anything to keep it from getting anymore out of control. My hair is starting to break off, and is falling out, and I'm also getting heartburn which is NEW to me. This is where I draw the line, and nothing I eat is worth this.


Some background: I have Celiac, Hashi's, Gastritis, and just cleared up a bout of SIBO. So basically, I'm a mess, and I know that the food I eat greatly affects how I feel. I have a 2 year old daughter who I keep gluten lite, and my biggest problem is that because her foods are gluten free, I find myself snacking on them when she doesn't finish them. I've got to stop doing that.



My official start day is tomorrow. I had cream in my coffee today, but the rest of my day will be compliant.



I'm ready to get started!

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"Nothing I eat is worth this"

A mantra I need to keep in mind as well. You've got this. I'll be following along and glad to have someone starting at the same time.


Thank you! It's so true, but I just need to get it drilled in my head!!

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Okay! Day 1, here we go!!!


I will admit, I'm not AS prepared as I should be. We don't have any mayo right now, but I do have ghee, so that should work. I also ran out of eggs this morning which is pretty bad because I live on them during my whole's.


I'm already battling a headache, and just feeling really blah from all of the crappy foods I've been eating. We moved this past weekend and I ate and drank a bunch of bad stuff, so I'm feeling the effects.


I wanted to weigh myself this morning, but the scale is at our other house, so I probably just won't. I know about where I am, so it's not something I'm going to beat myself up over. I will take a before photo tonight too. I love looking at those because they usually speak to me much better than the scale.  


meal 1:

2 eggs cooked in olive oil over

sweet potato crinkles & broccoli slaw cooked in ghee

(at work someone had cut up fresh fruit so I grabbed a few pieces of watermelon and cantaloupe so I had that with my first meal)


Meal 2: grilled pork with

steamed parsnips and leeks (in olive oil)

and a healthy serving of French green beans with ghee

black olives



Not sure what we are doing for dinner yet, but because we can grill outside now, we've been doing a LOT of grilling and for a whole30, it's PERFECT!

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last night for meal3 we have grilled burgers with cauliflower rice, and roasted Brussels. I know I didn't eat enough last nigh because I was pretty hungry, but I never did end up eating thing else because I'm dealing with a migraine.




W30.4 Day 2



3 eggs in oil

sweet potatoes in ghee

(had black olives, but couldn't eat them. I'll eat with lunch)



Meal 2:

Left over burger, cauli rice, and more green beans with ghee

black olives

2 hard boiled eggs (if needed)

banana (if needed)


Because I am at work from 8:50 and don't get home until 6pm I bring extra food (eggs/banana) just incase I really need them before I get home. I'd rather have a tiny snack then be shaking and feel faint when I get home ( this happens).


So far, so good.

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Last night for dinner we had complaint bratwursts on the grill with some asparagus, and I had more sweet potato.

That's all I had last night. It was a stressful night and I think I had some small emotional breakdown. Yikes.


Anyway moving on!


W30.4 Day 3:


meal1: 3 eggs fried in ghee over a huge pile of broccoli slaw (cooked in oil)

Black coffee

(had black olives, but I cannot eat olives with my coffee, so I'll save them for lunch)


meal2: Left over brats from last night with MORE green beans and ghee

black olives


(not a great lunch, but I was in a hurry this morning and did the best I could!)


really wanted to take a bite of something my daughter was eating this morning and then reminded myself that I couldn't. I almost took a bite because I'm so used to eating her stuff. Whewwww!

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Dinner last night was turkey burgers on the grill with sautéed kale and roasted red baby potatoes. I was still hungry so I ate two hardboiled eggs.


W30.4 Day 4


Meal1: 3 eggs cooked in ghee with a huge pile of broccoli slaw cooked in oil



Meal 2: Left over turkey burgers with mustard, roasted red potatoes, and pickles



So far so good. Need go to go the store this weekend. I'd really like to get some smoked salmon for my eggs. That sounds really good!


As always, I don't log on on the weekends, so I'll be back Monday which is Day 7!

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Never made it past the last post.


I literally just disgust myself these days. I usually to say I was doing a WHole30 and I'd finish it NO MATTER WHAT. Now I just go "eh" I don't feel like it, and stop doing it.


I'm not sure where I'm at right now other than my body is SICK, and I feel like utter crap.



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