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Day 1 yesterday - Started the day kind of hungover anyway, due to red wine the night before. Certain wines make me feel hungover even if I don't overdo it. I'm better off not drinking at all. But pulled it together and got lots done. I spent Sunday preparing lots of things, so was in good shape with food. 


Breakfast:  Leftover W30 meat sauce over zoodles topped with an egg fried in ghee. Tasty!


After years (a lifetime!) of sweet things for breakfast, I find eating eggs/meat sort of nauseating. It tastes good, and I enjoy eating it, but after the meal I feel faintly queasy. It helps to have fruit after, or some veg with the protein. 


Lunch:  Did some errands in the morning and forgot to take my lunch. Snacked on some raw macadamias and a little kombucha, then ate some tuna salad with W30 mayo when I got home. 


The toughest part of W30 for me is the planning. I'm not much of a planner! Or even if I do plan it out on paper, I forget to look at the paper. Sigh. But surely my planning habits will improve along with my health over 30 days. 


Dinner:  Whole roast chicken, baked sweet potato, cabbage slaw with W30 mayo. Everyone enjoyed it!


Trying to post a photo, but not sure how!!!!




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Day 2


I woke up with a headache behind my right eye, like an incipient migraine. I only get this kind of headache from caffeine mismanagement, but this time I think it's the sugar withdrawal. I am a sugar addict first, caffeine second, alcohol third. Alcohol seems more of a habit than an addiction, so can be managed. I don't have physical withdrawal symptoms from quitting alcohol. I just feel better. Sugar and caffeine are definitely addictions. I feel horrible for a few days after quitting either. 


I'm an early riser (4:30-5:00 depending on when my hound needs to go out LOL!) and am not ready to eat that early. So I have coffee and read for awhile. Usually I drink coffee with half and half. Oddly, for being such a sugar addict, I don't like sweet hot beverages -- so never add sugar to coffee or tea. I don't like black coffee either. I do love coconut oil blended in coffee! I put a spoonful of coconut oil and 2 cups of coffee in the Vitamix and whir it up. Delicious!

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Day 2 cont'd


Breakfast: Scrambled mix -- eggs, onion, spinach, avocado with a side of cantaloupe


Lunch: Tuna salad in a bell pepper, baby carrots with Ranch, fresh strawberries -- small amounts because I felt awful


Dinner: Pork chops, slaw, applesauce, some pineapple chunks for dessert


This morning my headache got worse and worse, until I felt really sick. I rested most of the morning because I couldn't bear to look at a computer at work. My stomach felt lousy and bloated -- I was not hungry, but made myself eat a little lunch.


It was a gorgeous day, so around noon I put my sunglasses on and took my hound out for a long walk. I felt better after some time in the woods.


Feeling OK this evening -- head is better, but stomach is still tender and bloated. 

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Felt much better today! Pretty energetic, busy day.


Breakfast: Leftover baked sweet potato with meat sauce on top


Lunch: The tuna salad and pepper I couldn't finish yesterday


Snack: Some raw macadamias and plain kombucha


Met a friend for tea at a local coffee shop - resisted the treats at the counter.


Supper: Broiled sea trout, sauteed zucchini and yellow squash with W30 Roasted Red Pepper Sauce (which is delicious!!)


Tonight for the first time I wished for a little something sweet after dinner, so ate some pineapple chunks and a couple of fresh strawberries.


So far, so good!

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Day 4


Back to feeling horrible. I barely slept last night. I drank black tea at 4 pm which usually is OK, but whatever. The moon was bright. I had to pee about 5 times. I redesigned the laundry closet in my head. Ugh.


Today I'm tired, my head is foggy, I'm cranky, my allergies are acting up, and my stomach is feeling tender and bloated. My right elbow was so sore when I got up, I couldn't pour my coffee with that hand. It's calming down now. 


I feel so crummy that I'm craving comfort foods. I will not succumb! I'm having some hot tea and a few macadamias. Which is comforting anyway.


I'm finding it helpful to have policies. Like, "What's my policy when this or that happens?" The distraction list suggested in the Daily is helpful. I'm not a person who does well with accountability partners. I have to set up ways to trick myself. 


What a roller coaster! 


Breakfast: Coffee with coconut oil, 3 eggs scrambled in ghee, leftover zucchini/squash saute from last night, cantaloupe chunks. 

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Day 4 cont'd


Continued feeling lousy all day. Runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, soooo tired, foggy, just basically useless. I hate feeling this way. What a waste of a beautiful day.


Lunch: tuna salad, slaw, pineapple. Not very hungry but made myself eat.


Dinner: W30 Curry sauce over leftover chicken on a bed of greens. Tasty, but couldn't eat much. Saved the rest for tomorrow. Which I hope will be a much better day.

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Hi! Sounds like you're doing great! I'm a sugar addict also, and that's what I keep slipping on. I'm starting from day one again tomorrow .

I also hate planning my meals, and have difficult following through on plans I do make because 'm not totally sure what I'll be doing and when. Self- care is hard work, but I keep telling myself it's worth it.

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Hi WholeKitty,


It is worth it! In spite of feeling so lousy all week, LOL. Yeah, the planning thing is so NOT my bailiwick! I like freedom of movement, so am apt to change course a dozen times a day. I was pretty well prepared for last week until about Thursday, then I was winging it. But I've been a whole foods from-scratch cook for a long time, so I think that way already. When I get hungry and I have nothing prepared, that's when I want cheese and crackers. But so far so good!


Thanks for saying hi! Hang in there. Self care is hard work, and more of it the older one gets...

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Day 5-6


Didn't get to post yesterday. Felt pretty good until I donated blood in the afternoon, then was quite tired afterwards. Probably not the best time to donate, in week 1, but had scheduled it last month. 


Bloating is way down, my belly is softer and less like a basketball. Yay! My left elbow is not tender at all. The right elbow is still quite sore. My neck is still sore, but less than last week. I feel brighter and more energetic today than I have all week. 


I was compliant yesterday, but kinda winging it. Did not have food planned but ate good leftovers. The refrigerator was bulging with lots of random bits, so it felt good to use them up.


I'm going out all day tomorrow with friends - picnic lunch, Solstice activities all afternoon, then party and potluck in the evening. I'm planning today so I'll be clear on what I can eat.


Breakfast today: Zoodles with meat sauce topped with fried egg

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Day 7-8


Had a very full weekend so did not get to the log. I managed to stay compliant, but didn't do too well with the planning. I packed lunch food for Sunday, so had plenty for the midday picnic. My husband was in charge of the potluck offering for dinner, and he brought fruit and nuts. This was a mostly vegetarian crowd - most of the dishes were grain-based. Or desserts. I got by on fruit and nuts and lots of water LOL! And lots of talking with folks away from the table. 


I didn't have much prep time over the weekend either, so starting the week with not much in the fridge. I had a big breakfast of 3 eggs, spinach, scallions with a side of applesauce. Actually did not get hungry until 1:00 or so.


Lunch was some homemade chicken stock, some celery with almond butter, and some strawberries. Not very satisfying. 


My father cooked dinner for us tonight out of the W30 cookbook - chicken breast with curry sauce and cauliflower rice, fresh strawberries. Quite tasty! There are plenty of leftovers for tomorrow too. 


I'm finding that almond butter does not agree with me. I've eaten it 2-3 times since starting W30, and each time get bloat and indigestion. Guess that's out now!


My gut is still pretty tender. My energy level is not consistent yet. I felt good on Saturday and thought I might have turned the corner -- but didn't sleep well that night and Sunday morning I was soooo tired. I put on bright clothes and psyched myself up to go out and be social all day. I did end up having a good time. Got home after 9. This morning I was slow to get moving. Now it's 8 pm and all I want to do is sleep.


So! Day 8 done!

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Forgot to mention I had my first weird food dream -- I was halfway through a bologna and wonder bread sandwich when I thought, "Damn, that's not compliant!" I haven't eaten bologna and wonder bread since about 1960! LOL!!!!

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Day 9


Feeling pretty good this morning! My brain is more clear than it's been since I started this thing. It seems like my "love handles" have softened up and shrunk some. My shorts feel a bit looser. The bloating is gone. I've gained some pouchiness under my eyes over the last week, and that seems to be subsiding just a little bit. 


I'm at work and picking up on some things I've missed over the last week -- my brain was pretty much offline for a few days!


Breakfast was coffee with coconut oil, leftover curry chicken and cauliflower rice, and some applesauce.


I slept well, despite the heat and the thunderstorms!

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Day 9 cont'd


Continued feeling pretty good until about 4, when I kind of crashed. Got a little headachy after working on the computer all day, so had a brief nap.


Lunch was scrambled eggs, a whole avocado and glass of coconut milk blended with strawberries - yum!


Dinner - walnut-crusted pork chops on salad greens from the W30 book. Delicious!


I had a few pouty moments while making dinner - wishing I had a glass of wine. I often have a glass while I cook. Ah well -- I can live without that for awhile! 


My neck and my right elbow are still sore, but mostly my joints are better. My stomach is fleshier than it has ever been -- I so want that muffin top to melt away! 

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Day 10-11


My energy is still so up and down. Yesterday I felt pretty good, then crashed about 4:00, was useless all evening. I woke up tired this morning. I just want to sit here and read. 


I was compliant all day yesterday with food - I'm making myself eat a full serving of protein at every meal even when I don't really feel like it. And made sure to get plenty of good fat. By dinner time I'm just not hungry, but make myself eat anyway because i know I'll be ravenous in the morning if I don't.

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Day 12-13


This is the busiest, most challenging time of my W30. Today is my birthday. My husband has a booth at the Vermont Renaissance Faire and I will be there much of the weekend.


I can hear my little trickster-voice (think Gollum here) hissing, "Today'sss it's birthday, precious!!! Treatsssssss! Mead! Wine!!!! It'ssss a FAIR! Have some fun, preciousssss!"


Go Away! Go away and DON'T COME BACK!!! (LOTR fans, you get this, right?)


I was on track yesterday, and I will be today. 


I have spoken.

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Days 13-15


Phew. A whirlwind few days that was. I managed to stay on plan though (mostly - see below) -- but my planning could have been better. I got pretty hungry a couple of times and was tempted to eat whatever I could find at the Faire -- but I didn't. Just drank lots of water and stuck with my snacks. It was very hot and sunny, and I tend to want less food when I'm hot anyway. It all worked out. 


Yesterday I was on a 12 hour business trip - 3 hour drive both ways to measure and document a building. I packed lots of random snacks and had lots to drink, so did pretty well. 


By accident I ate one non-compliant thing -- my friend I was with had packed a bunch of snacks too, most of which were not-quite-compliant. He had some ants-on-a-log, celery sticks with (what he told me was) almond butter and a few raisins on top. I was tired and a little hungry, so I took one. As I chewed it, I realized it was peanut butter, not almond butter. So I had no more. But lesson learned -- don't trust what other people say is in their food! They think a little bit won't matter, or just trying to be nice and make sure I eat something. And watch out when I'm tired and hungry!!


But I'm choosing not to start over, just for my own state of mind. I'm feeling like I'm going to continue eating this way for longer than 30 days anyway. If I reset the clock to Day 1, just knowing myself, I'm liable to get really impatient and less likely to stick with it. If I just keep on as I am for 15 days past my 30, it seems doable. Just have to play ridiculous transparent tricks on my silly brain!!!!


I have a little bit of a headache this morning and am so tired -- but I figure it's the accumulated action of the last 4 days. I had lots of energy over the whole weekend, but now I want rest. I sooo need a down day. I can have a slower paced day today.


I plan to stay on this program until my elbow tendonitis and neck soreness is GONE. My right elbow is still quite tender. My neck is better, but still not all healed.


My spare tire is definitely dissolving. My pants fit better. My belly is smaller. I love the idea of changing from sugar-burner to fat-burner. I actually have no desire to eat any sugar now.


My eyes have been opened to just how much sugar we eat! I'm astounded at how much sugar is in prepared foods. I've read labels for a long time, but I've never eliminated added sugar from my diet. I'm looking at the store in a whole new light. For the most part --  If it's not directly off the plant or the animal, it's best to skip it!


Food is tasting SO good -- I had some sugar snap peas for snack yesterday and they were like candy! I drank plain coconut water on ice and it was like nectar, just delicious. 

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Day 20




I'm back to feeling SOOOOOO tired and dragged out. Slight headache yesterday and today. Not much energy at all.


I had a very full couple of weeks, with no down days at all. I know I need regular down days where I have nothing scheduled, when I can read and drift and daydream and nap. Imagination days. If I go too long without it, I tend to crash. Which maybe is what's going on here. 


I'm 61 years old, and I don't sleep at all well these days. A good night's sleep is a rare thing.


I'm making adjustments to my routine and changing some habits to see if it will help. 


I rarely eat anything in the evenings after supper, so that's not it. 


I haven't had any alcohol or sugar in 20 days, so that's not it. 


I've been totally compliant, except that tiny pb accident on Day 14. Did that blow me out of the water? Really??


I drink coffee in the morning, usually done by 6. I cannot drink coffee after midday, because it will keep me up. Maybe I need to give up coffee altogether? Whaaaa. I don't wanna. That's probably the last thing I'll try.


The bedroom in our new place is NOT dark. We have a big double east-facing window and it is never totally dark due to the damn streetlights. I got cellular light-filtering shades, but need something darker. The bedroom in our old house was never totally dark either, and I slept better there. Of course I was younger, LOL. Get a BB gun, perhaps???? Knock out those lights? Just kidding. Kind of. 


The bedroom here is warmer, and hard to get it cool enough. I despise air conditioning, and usually keep a fan running at night. Of course if I have a fan in the window it's hard to block the light coming through it. Sigh.


We do need a new mattress. This one is not uncomfortable, but not as comfy as it used to be. 


I take melatonin sometimes -- it seems to work some nights and not others.


I dare not drink chamomile tea or anything at all after supper because then I have to pee every hour!


My body feels pretty good -- I'm not overweight, I don't have apnea, nothing hurts that would wake me up. 


I'm trying to limit computer use in the evenings, or at least make the screen more yellow. Tough because I'm a serious geek and info-gatherer. 


I rarely watch TV. I keep the lights pretty low at night, and no overhead lights. 


I think I need to go medieval - Ditch the lights, go to bed with the sun, get up in the night and do something, back to bed, up with the roosters. Maybe I should get a spinning wheel. And a rooster. Hahaha.


It seems every woman I know has trouble sleeping after menopause. Just the nature of things, I guess. My grandmother used to get dressed for the day about 3:30 in the morning. 


Ah well -- just a brain dump here. 

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I finally realized yesterday afternoon that I have not been eating enough food. That's why I feel so shitty. True, everything is compliant, but I've not been planning very well. I have a bunch of compliant stuff at the office -- carrots, celery, nuts, olives, some fruit, some coconut cream -- so I snack from this assortment for my lunch. Because I suck at planning. My dear husband made us a big delicious balanced W30 meal last night, and I feel much better this morning. Now I've got to get my butt to the store and stock up on ingredients and prepare for the week!


I drank beef broth yesterday evening, and I slept well last night. Hurray!

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Day 23


Still on track, although today I had a "kill all the things" kind of day. TERRIBLY irritable and sooooooo bone-tired. I finally had to take a nap in the afternoon - slept for almost 2 hours. Just exhausted. 


I've been eating plenty of fat and carbs I think. Am I still adjusting from sugar burner to fat burner? I've always had a pretty serious sweet tooth. Is my brain just freaking out still? I just do not get why I feel so lousy. It's still a roller coaster. Yesterday I felt OK - not great, but not horrible either. Today I've been cranky and tired and foggy and just plain ugly.


I bought a bunch of sweet potatoes and had some for supper with pork sausage and caramalized onions. Delicious. 


My joints are feeling good, my neck is getting better every day. My elbow is improving. My fingers have no swelling at all, and I have no bloat. All big improvements. Now if I can just figure out why I'm so freakin' tired...?

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Sounds like you've had a bit of a rocky road in terms of sleeping and feeling crappy some days. Keep up the good work though and with trying to be more mindful of your preparation for the following day(s). I agree that when I eat enough the day before, I sleep better and feel better the following day. I also sleep better when I've been more active during the day. Do you do any cardiovascular exercises?

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Hi NoMoreCrunchyCravings,


My exercise patterns are shifting. I worked for years in architectural firms, sitting at a computer. For the last 18 months or so I switched it up and worked 40 hours a week at a local natural foods market. On my feet and moving all day every day, lifting lots of heavy things. That was all good, but I also ate lots of sugar there! Put on quite a spare tire, more than I've ever had. Now I'm back to architecture about 20 hours a week. I have a big hound dog who I walk miles with most days. I need to add in more strength training. 

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Day 28


This has been a VERY interesting process, WAY different than I expected. 


This is the first time I've ever gone without dairy and sugar. This has revealed a whole layer of unrecognized issues.


I never have gotten the energy boost I expected. In fact, just the opposite. Especially since about Day 20, I've been SO exhausted and lethargic, borderline depressed. It got so bad I've missed work some days. My stomach has been unhappy, gassy, bloated, faintly queasy. 


My joints feel better, and my skin feels good. But my energy has tanked, and my blood pressure has even gone up some. 


So I went yesterday to a naturopath, a functional medicine practitioner. I need to get blood work done, but - given my reactions and my family/medical history - he suspects SIBO and perhaps even undiagnosed celiac disease. Whoa. We'll see. He wants me to eliminate FODMAP foods, so I'm using the handy list provided by Whole30. I've been eating more FODMAP foods than normal, which may explain the digestive upset. It seems I'm not absorbing nutrients very well, and have been running on sugar for much of my life. Taking away the sugar has revealed possible hypoglycemia. 


I have felt like I was in withdrawal from crack or heroin or something!


I'm hoping these changes will help so I can start to get more exercise. I have not had any energy or interest in any kind of exertion. Fixing supper and walking the dog is about all I can handle some days. 


So, my Whole30 continues -- slightly modified. It might become a permanent way of life! I'm grateful for the process and the awareness gained, and have hope that some of my lifelong issues (arthritis, constipation, variable energy) will be resolved.


Gotta log foods and reactions daily, so...


Breakfast: 2 sausage patties (W30 recipe) with Bubbie's sauerkraut, coffee with coconut oil. Feeling OK so far.

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Day 28 cont'd


2nd Breakfast: Paleo porridge -- whirred up in the Vitamix some shredded coconut, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, cinnamon, sea salt and ginger. Add hot water, pumpkin puree, coconut cream and some dried blueberries. Yum. 


Lunch: Mostly small random bits because I went to work for a while and was not hungry after porridge. Macadamias, iced tea with mint.


Supper: Roast chicken, asparagus, sweet potatoes cubes browned in duck fat. 


Still not quite on the low FODMAP plan. Asparagus is not legal, but I had bought some this week so hated to waste it. W30 FODMAP list says sweet potatoes are OK, some others say not OK. So I'm evaluating on myself. I roasted the chicken with some onions, carrots, and celery. Onions and celery are a no-no. Tomorrow I intend to be more FODMAP compliant.


I gotta say, I'm feeling a little cranky about giving up onions and garlic, even if only for a week. What if I find they're not good for me?? I love onions and garlic!!!! It always seems like the things I love the most are the things that are the worst for me. WTF.


Day 29:


I slept well! It's cool and rainy, so was comfortable for sleeping after several hot nights. I woke this morning with some intestinal pain, and some heartburn. I have no more asparagus, but I'll keep testing sweet potatoes. 


early morning: Coffee blended with coconut oil.

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