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Round 2


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Starting over with Whole 30.  I have gradually gotten away from a clean Whole 30 after the last few months.  Time to ditch the fruit smoothie sugar bomb breakfast and get rid of dairy again.  I notice some pain has crept back in over the months, back, hip, knee and would like to get rid of it again.  Also would love to cut the RLS meds and pain meds.  Losing a few more pounds would be great too, although I already love my new body.  I don't mind losing dairy at all or grains or alcohol, not doing very much of any of those at all anyway.  I do hate the thought of having to scrutinize everything for added sugar. But I already got rid of cream and maple syrup in my green tea this morning, no problem.  I have a frittata already made for breakfast.  Lunch is no problem with lettuce wraps, mayo is already made.  Dinner is salmon and veggies and sweet potatoes.  I know so much more about what I like now that there will probably not be so many inedible meals as last time.  And it seems a lot easier to plan.  I may have trouble at camp next week but probably not too much, I hope to have my own small kitchen and will bring lots of eggs and poultry to cook.  They usually have great salads, I will have to bring my own salad dressing of course.  I will probably make a chicken soup and a squash soup to bring along.  


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