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Day 1 Down!


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I decided to keep a food log and workout log. Striving for success!




Breakfast: Black Coffee, scrambled eggs

Lunch: Protein salad, baby carrots, sun butter.

Dinner: Ground turkey with Italian seasoning, tomato sauce, roasted spaghetti squash

Snacks: Banana, apple

Workout:  Cardio (30 min)

Weights (30 min)


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Hi Meredith & welcome to Whole30


A food log is a great idea as it allows you to see any emerging patterns if & when any problems should arise such as bloating/constipation etc...  :) 

Just a quick note on your meals - try to build each of your meals to match the recommended food template of 1-2 palm sized pieces of protein, 1-3 cups of veg, and a generous serving of fat. I'm not sure how many eggs you had, but in this meal you'd be looking at 3-4 eggs (as many as you can hold in your hand without breaking) as they are your only protein source. You're also missing out on veg & fat. Lunch looks better, but dinner again looks to be missing fat - the fat you use for cooking mostly stays in the pan so if you add more fat to your meals you'll cut out the need for the snack, and believe me, you'll feel a whole lot better, both mentally & physically. If you really DO need a snack out of genuine hunger rather than habit/boredom, try to make it a mini meal of at least two of the three food groups - protein & fat is best here (hard boiled eggs, or chicken dipped in mayo for example) but you could opt for protein & veg, or veg & fat. When you eat fruit on it's own it can impact your blood sugar levels & cause faux hunger, energy spikes/crashes etc., so it's best eaten within a meal (think berries in a salad or pineapple in a curry) or directly after. And if you're working out don't forget to add in at least a postWO meal of a lean protein & optional starchy veg - it need only be a few bites of each, but your muscles have earned this!

Good luck for day 2 & beyond...!!

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