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June 15th start date!


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Tomorrow is the day. Just returned from our vacation last night.

Today I am cleaning out the house, and shopping so I'm ready to wake up and cook tomorrow.


My skinny daughter will get all my no-no items to take to her place. LOL


My big problem foods are breads/pastas and sugar.

wish me luck. First thing I'm buying tonight is a zoodler.




Any other tips and tricks?


Only other thing I'm worried about is, I'll be home by myself during the week for the next month.

My S.O. is happy to join me on the plan when he is home.


I'm impartial to coffee, happy to drink me some iced tea instead.


exercise will be walking, biking, swimming, yoga. Kinda my go-to's

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Hi Oriana,

Best wishes for a successful Whole30!

I am on official Day 14 today.

Here's a little mental trick that I am using:

I think of any tempting forbidden foods as old boyfriends that I have just dumped for one month in order to take a break and see if I really want to go out with them again. When they enter my thoughts or my line of sight, like an unwanted phone call, I just firmly say "Don't call me. I'll get back to you next month with my decision." 

It is a mind game that is very helpful and kind of fun.

One day last week I was out for lunch with my husband. I had a lovely salad with chicken breast on it and he had a pizza. There he was, sitting across the table from me with all that cheese! I just gave it the special thought and was OK. However, my salad came with a breadstick which I had not known about or would have told them not to include. I put the breadstick aside on a paper napkin to take home for husband later. I think because it came with my lunch I had a stronger attraction to it. Half way through the meal I wrapped it up and carried it over to the rubbish bin, as I could not stand to have it so close to me. I felt somewhat angry at the breadstick for trying to tempt me and mentally threatened all breadsticks that may be off my boyfriend list!

Such drama.

Whatever works, right?



P.S. Remember to drink plenty of water.

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Haha! I'll have to try that! It took me about 15 minutes into my normal after lunch sugar craving today, to give in to a small packet of Almond butter.

sigh.. I tried...baby steps I guess.


breakfast and lunch were good.. Breakfast: 1/3 of a chicken sausage, spinach and 1 egg scrambled and irish tea w a splash of coconut milk.

lunch: halibut ceviche, made with cilantro, tomatoes and lots of lime juice, and a touch of seasalt.


I can tell already though that sugar...is my drug of choice... just by how things just went down with me and that packet of almond butter.

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