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So it's been a great 30 days,

Took photos this morning along with weighing myself and talking to my husband about how it's change us.

First non scale victories. Skin is glowing and healthy, Hair is thick and healthy. Aches and pains after exercise are less than before. Recovery from long cycle ride was really fast. Clothes feel loser especially across my shoulders and boobs, my waist line responded more in the first couple of weeks now I'm just steadily getting more normalised fat amount for my body.

Appetite is really good and I'm eating much more food than ever before. I have put up with tiny plates and micro portions for years trying desperately to lose fat. Now I'm free to eat properly.

Being in control of food, my choice to eat well, to nourish my body so that it can do what it does.

Stepping on the scale was a bit nerve wracking as my daughter who hasn't seen me said I'd never lose weight on the amount of food I am eating. I've been keeping her informed and going on about the meals I'm cookng. Well that showed her!

Loss 8lb. I'm thrilled.

Weight loss photos sent to daughter...she said "Wow!"

I'm the lightest weight that I've been since 2007 when I was seriously ill.

The photos look like I've lost much more fat than the 8lb to be honest.

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