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"The moment you want to give up is right before the magic happens!"




This already has been quite a crazy and educational journey for me.


Things you can expect:


1. YOU WILL WANT TO GIVE UP AT SOME POINT--but isn't quitting the easy way out?


This past weekend (day 10-12) I got what they call the "carb flu" and it is NO JOKE!!! On day 10 I ate normally but noticed in the morning I felt dizzy and just off. By 4 pm I knew something was up. I woke up Saturday, Day 11 and had a sky high fever and ZERO appetite. Went to two doctors and all they could tell me was that my blood pressure was low and my heart rate was very elevated. In that moment all I wanted was comfort food, I had thoughts of donuts or pizza or anything but broccoli and sweet potatoes!!!! My step dad convinced me not to give up and that donut I wanted would only make me sicker as my stomach is adjusting. I went home had a sip of broth and eventually went to store for coconut water. That SAVED me! A mix of coconut water, peppermint tea and a nice luke warm shower and I was good as new by end of day 12 Sunday (well some ibuprofen may have helped as well haha).


2. You will notice changes you couldn't imagine possible. 


I have a few insecurities and didn't realize just how easily they were solved. I had "chicken skin" on back of my arms aka tiny bumps and these have completely resolved--I can't stop stroking my silky skin!!! I also had a lot of insecurities with my forehead. I wake up with bad "sleep lines" (aka three super distinct wrinkles in middle of forehead that won't go away until mid day if that) because of what I think was due to bad sleep--haven't woken up with these ONCE. I also had tons of bumps under my skin on forehead that are now gone--silky smooth as well as losing TONS of weight in my face.


My mom also commented on how great my skin looks as if it is "glowing". I noticed this early on maybe end of week 1.


3. If you weren't a morning person, YOU WILL BE!


Five a.m. wake up call before Whole30, I BETTER be off to the airport for a tropical vacation!!! Nope, 5 a.m. is the new 7 a.m. for me! I wake up at 5 a.m. with plenty of energy for 6 a.m. hour long yoga sculpt class at Corepower Yoga (yoga with weights for people who don't know--high intensity). It has honestly been a huge game changer in my life. 


4. Your journey may not fully line up with the "Whole 30 Timeline" as I went through stages at different times.


I did not experience the hangover stage as bad as they say you will although my coworker did. I had some head pain but not strong enough to really call it a headache. I was a little lethargic but nothing black coffee couldn't help me power through. I did experience a brief "kill all things" that mostly took the form of road rage haha. I also experienced it when I attempted to go out sober with some of my drinking friends..... KILL ALL PARTY GOERS--I left early needless to say. I experienced the bloating SUPER early on I believe day 3-5. My wanting to give up aligned with timeline but mainly was due to my sickness and wanting comfort. Boundless energy YES this is my life currently--but no weird cravings. 


I did watch my boyfriend's roommate eating chicken strips (my vice--LOVE them) with honey and I was like that looks darn good!!! 


5. Even if you think you chose the "perfect" month to do it things will arise! 

I chose June because I didn't have too many commitments, birthdays, parties, etc and knew all social situations would be easily avoidable. Well that changed.... I am about to go through a huge apartment move next week. All I want is the traditional pizza and beer on the floor while packing up all the boxes and once it is all done.... CHAMPAGNE to celebrate!!! BUT I will not quit what I have started, plus it doesn't sound as great as it once seemed. If you are reluctant to start just know you will never have the perfect month to do it unless you want to live under a rock haha. 



Few tips of advice before starting or to keep going:

  • try to go without fruit, don't make a huge point to add them in or buy them. This may lead to you using them as a "crutch". I have cut out fruit to see ample results because I feel I can get enough with veggies. 
  • WORKOUT--this will encourage you to continue good eating patterns, when I'm sore I remember how hard I worked so when cravings hit I can physically feel my efforts and don't want to ruin it
  • Drink 1/2 oz of water per pound that you weigh (this is has been huge for me and I have achieved this daily) 
  • Wear a fitbit, Nike fuelband (what I use) or pedometer and try to hit at least 10,000 steps a day
  • KEEP A JOURNAL--I write everything I eat daily, I even add life events that happened, moods, I use stickers--it has helped
  • Sign up for the daily newsletter I think it is around $14 and totally worth it. Knowing I invested money in this and a journal helped me stick with it 
  • Set phone background of a goal, quote or something to keep you going and a reminder


I'm always open for questions or if anyone needs advice, etc!!! 

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Great job!!! I just finished week 1 and it was kinda hard I admit. Good to hear you say that about fruit. I have used it as a crutch for the things I've been missing so I'm going to try not buying them as much this week. I'm flat tummy in morning but kinda puffy by evening. But hardest part was the first week I was sooooo extreamly tired and was napping during the day which I never do! Today is much better although I don't seem to be lighter (ok I'm trying to ditch the scale) I do feel better!! Thanks for sharing.

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Great job! I'm definitely going to be doing the step tracking as I have an UP band, and I also want to use it to track my sleep quality!


I actually already have my 'mantra' on my phone background, and only after reading your post did I realise it fits for the Whole30 I'm about to start. It says 'All is flux, nothing abides' :)


Congratulations on all your successes so far. I hope the rest of your Whole30 has been just as successful!

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