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Day 8 - High Blood Pressure Gone!


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So over the past six months I've been dealing with high blood pressure brought on my chronic back pain.  I tried prescriptions, but that was a no go - first one put me in the hospital with critical potassium deficiency, and second one progressively made me completely unable to function, after four weeks I couldn't even walk from my bed to the bathroom without first getting lightheaded and dizzy, and then having to stop halfway to rest!


I was out of options, so I was using essential oils with some relief...they got me out of the danger zone at least, but not by much.  A trip to Colorado at the end of April, and the high elevation and flying did a double whammy and it spiked up and I couldn't get it down much.


I started acupuncture three weeks ago, and that brought it down a little more.  So before I started Whole 30 I was averaging 145/95.  


Monday I ended up going on a 10 hour road trip (I had to do all the driving) through Hell's Gate Pass (apply named) in BC.  It was the most difficult driving I have ever done...if I dared to look at the breath taking scenery, I was risking my life!  I got home, finally, at 9 pm.  I just knew my BP must be record-breakingly high...but, to my huge surprise, it was 110/95.  I took it again as that couldn't be right...115/95...well, I must just be too tired....


Next morning, and every day since, my upper number has been avg 115, and my lower number has been going down!!!!  Tuesday, 115/90, today 115/80!!!!  And my yesterday was a crazy day too, but definitely better than Monday!



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