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Fear of Reintroduction


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Hi! I have done Whole30 for 45 days…The only food that I have reintroduced is a splash of honey in my green beans over the weekend. Otherwise, I am afraid to start reintroducing, as I fear that my Sugar Dragon will strike big time. On the other hand, I am getting increasingly irritable as I miss some of my old feel-good foods and sometimes want some comfort food here or there, like a cookie or a cracker or a good sandwich. Does this mean I haven't conquered the Sugar Dragon fully yet? Because I didn't crave it after 30 or 35 days, just now as I get frustrated and confused.


I don't really miss any real food group to reintroduce: like beans or grains. But when my kids sit and eat pizza, I get super hangry. 


Any advice?


PS: I do allow myself some technically but not ideal compliant Whole30 foods that I didn't' use before these 45 days, like Larabars here or there, and some hemp protein...

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You say you don't miss any real food groups and yet you mention pizza, cookies, and crackers - so that'd be gluten, & dairy at least, and possibly (most likely) soy. If I were you I'd go ahead and do the reintroductions for these food groups now, before you cave into those cravings and take a nose dive into a chocolate mud cake, so that you know whether or not these foods will be worth it for you.

Nobody says that a Whole30 has to mean the end of cake, like FOREVER - the idea is to carry out your own personal experiment at the end of your 30 days to see how your gut reacts to the foods you have excluded, and if all goes well who's to say you can't have a slice of pizza every now & then?

If you're afraid of reintroductions then my advice would be to follow the sample schedule in the 10 day reintro protocol rather than opting for a slow roll which could see you going off the rails on a whim...

Good luck!!

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