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food log, Days 1&2


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Today is day two for me. Yesterday my meals were as follows:

1: 2 eggs with spinach and avocado

2: spinach and veggie salad with balsamic and olive oil, cashews

3: lettuce wrap hamburger with avocado and Dijon, sauted asparagus and bell pepper, and oven roasted red potatoes

Today's meals:

1: 2 eggs with sauted bell pepper, steamed broccoli, and avocado

2: hamburger patty with avocado, fried egg, sauted asparagus and bell pepper, and roasted red potatoes (all leftovers) and a small plum

3: 1/2 BBQed chicken breast, 1/4 sweet potatoe, sauted peppers, zucchini squash, and mushrooms, and cantaloupe

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Day 3 and feeling pretty good for the most part. I've had a few headaches but I get them pretty regularly anyways so I'm sure this change in menu isn't helping. I'm nervous that I feel so good now but won't in the next week or so? Hopefully not. I don't get hungry between meals unless I can't eat dinner until a little later than planned. Today I couldn't wait my hanger was so bad so I had an Epic bar around 5:30. Picked up some salmon on my way home and made a delicious dinner. Today's meals:

1: 2 fried eggs with 1/4 avocado, red pepper, asparagus, and aidells chicken sausage scramble

2: leftover chicken breast from last night, 1/4 sweet potatoe, steamed broccoli, macadamia nuts

Snack: chicken sesame BBQ Epic bar

3: salmon fillet with dill mix, lemon, and olive oil, roasted red potatoes, sauted asparagus and yellow squash

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