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Starting my 1st Whole 30 on 18th June


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Hi everyone,


Finally starting my 1st Whole30 on Saturday, I've also picked that day to give up Cigarettes (been on and off giving up for a few years now). I've been pondering doing the Whole30 for a few months but time keeps getting away from me. Now is the time and I'm so glad I finally set a date, have also signed up for the dailies. I bought the book on kindle but find that is not as easier as flipping the pages of a book to find a recipe so have ordered the printed version also, just waiting for it to arrive.


I live in Australia and work 4 x 10 hour days (sitting at the computer) so a bit of planning will be needed and some slow cooker recipes. At least I have the Wednesday off which is the middle of the week for any extra cooking that might need to be done, so I'm lucky there.


I've put on quite a bit of weight over the last few years and 12 months ago had my gall bladder removed so am hoping this won't impede any progress. Am truly looking forward to feeling much healthier.




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