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Day 1 - Whole30 Newbie


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Well, initial plan was to start on June 11. After false starts every day so far, I'm finally on it today. 


I got groceries last night. Cleaned and prepped all the vegetables and fruit as needed. I have meal plans in my head to make throughout the week. I've created a space the is conducive to staying on track and have been talking about it with people so hopefully they also keep me in line. I know this first week is going to be the hardest while my body detoxes and goes through withdrawal.


I'm a huge sugar addict and emotional eater and I really need to get these things under control. I'm hoping that if I stick to this for the full 30 days, I will gain much better control over my cravings and emotional eating. 


I work a lot and am on the go. I like easy recipes and meal prepping. Any tips, tricks or fast/easy recipe ideas would be greatly appreciated. 


Wish me luck!

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