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My reasons to start...today is the day!


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Hello all! I wrote a quick introduction an hour ago expressing my excitement about Whole 30 but didn't get into the reasons why....I feel I need to tell all if I am going to be open and accepting of the roller coaster (or not) ahead of me! I am so excited to be a part of Whole30 and am excited to see where this takes me! There are so many reasons for why I am beginning this life changing journey. I am hoping to change my relationship with food, make healthy choices for my family, and most of all, get back to feeling vibrant, energetic, and confident. I have struggled with my weight the past 4 years after having my beautiful baby boy at a mature age of 42! I used my pregnancy to enjoy many foods that I used to not indulge in...well, that became habit and also became 60 extra pounds on my 5'1" body. Here and there I lost a few and gained back a few more, tried exercising, and controlling what I ate - but nothing has worked. I have been successful for the past 7 weeks at cutting out gluten and sugar (except for stevia) and have felt so much better and lost weight. However, I know that to get to the root of a healthy lifestyle I need to change my relationship with food and create a new healthy eating routine using whole foods! I really feel ready to make the change and that is what I was missing the past few years - I just had a mental block and felt like I wouldn't succeed. I know now I am ready and will succeed, beginning today - day 1!


I also want to do this for my family - not only to be healthy and able to keep up with my son who is now 4, but to teach them healthy eating habits! Probably my biggest trigger these past 4 years has been learning how to live in a blended family. I have two step daughters (ages 9 & 13), the oldest is a handful and mixing that with teenage hormones, has been challenging and difficult.  I know that eating healthier can only help balance her growing body. For the youngest, she already struggles with her weight and she loves to be active but has a hard time keeping up. I want to make changes for me that will hopefully influence them and help our entire family be healthier and happier in the long run.  


I have time to give this my all since I am on summer break from teaching. I am willing to put 100% into the 30 days and am excited to learn how to cook healthier, make better choices in the grocery store, and feel AMAZING!


:) WS

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