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Going Whole30 while living in Japan - Help wanted!


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Greeting from Japan!


I am a very new first time Whole30-er on day 4. I also have been living in Japan for the past two years. I want to ask a couple questions:


1) Anyone else out there doing Whole30 in Japan?


2) If yes, do you have any good resources for reading food labels? I especially want to learn how to recognize words pertaining to carageenan, MSG, and sulfites. (More info: I can speak Japanese conversationally but have rather low kanji-reading skills.)


3) Do you have any go-to brands that are available in Japan that are also Whole30 compliant? I really want to find compliant coconut milk!


4) And lastly, how do you eat out in Japan? I haven't had the courage to go out to an izakaya or other restaurant yet for fear of hidden soy and sugar in sauces and ressings, not to mention the rampant rice that's everywhere!


Any tips or words of encourage are much appreciated! Thank you!

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I was hoping a moderator would respond - I am going to a Japanese restaurant and need some advice.

I'm not sure any of our moderators can respond as she is asking questions specifically about being in Japan and also how to recognize Japanese words.


What is your question about a japanese restaurant, Tina?

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