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Day13-Having GI issues (diarrhea) and lots of disinterest in food

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Hi all. On day 13. I have no desire to quit, but I just need to know if this too shall pass. Woke up on day 9 and 10 like I was full on Tiger Blood. I felt AMAZING; spent 2 hours at the gym....this is it! Whole30 is incredible. Then day 11, 12, and today hit: 

Day 11- lots of body aches, flu like symptoms, and the beginning of GI issues

Day12- felt better in the AM, but once I started eating I began to feel bad again (literally kind of gagging as I ate), diarrhea throughout the day and significant fatigue

Morning of day13- I literally gag at the thought of eating (i managed to choke down my egg, brussel sprout, sweet potato hash), and diarrhea persists. 


Typical Meals:

-I definitely get my water. All I drink is water, La Croix, and maybe a single glass of unsweetened tea.


2-3eggs with veggies and sweet potato or a meat protein source (usually a little low on fat in AMs)



Protein (turkey burger or chicken breast) with homemade quac, mixed green salad with raw veggies -light on oil with ~1oz balsalmic vinegar, half a sweet potato


Snack--rare but sometime a banana or apple prior to the gym



Protein, veggies, maybe a potato. Fat from ghee or oil


Sorry for so much TMI, but I'm really struggling today. I'm assuming I might need a bit more fat and maybe some kombucha (I need a recommendation for brand---because I couldn't find one without sugar)

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Is it possible you're coming down with something? We don't do our Whole30 in a bubble, and whilst some GI issues and lack of appetite are fairly common place they don't tend to be accompanied by flu like aches/pains...

I'd stick to comfort foods for now such as scrambled eggs, mashed root veg with ghee, chicken soup & bone broth, keep your fluids & see how you go.



As an aside: if you're going to eat preWO make it protein & fat. Fruit will only provide your body with an immediate source of fuel to burn which is not what you are aiming for.

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If you can, try using a protein source other than eggs at breakfast and see if the digestive stuff clears up.  Some people have egg sensitivities that cause diarrhea and other digestive issues; I'm one of them, I find that eating eggs for several days in a row will cause me to bolt for the bathroom an hour or two after eating them.  :P  Try cutting them out for a few days and see how you feel!  Good luck!

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