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June 16, 2016-- Day 1


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I started yesterday and meant to post... but I spent ALL DAY prepping, cooking, cleaning up after myself... and eating!  I had a little mayo mishap on Day 1, so that got me out of sorts, but I persevered. (BTW, a couple more egg yolks and some water saved the day!)


Today (Day 2), I feel bi*chy and sluggish, with a slight headache.  Detox SUCKS. :(


About me:  I'm 43 years old (female), and I need to lose 75-100 pounds.  I've done a Paleo-ish diet for a few months in the past, but I got discouraged when my family didn't voluntarily get on-board. (I live with my husband and three children-- ages 13, 10, and 4.) When my husband made a disparaging remark about my (basically) know-it-all attitude during my previous attempt, I gave up. {I've since forgiven him!} I knew that I couldn't win. I was discouraged. So, I slowly started adding things back in to my diet (like the delicious maple bars from Lucky Donuts!), and then we moved cross-country, lived with my parents for a few months, and underwent several months of unemployment-- NOT conducive to a healthy lifestyle!  I lost 30 pounds during my Paleo-venture, but I've since put it all back on (plus a few more).


I am doing this Whole30 NOW because I know that I have it within me to do what needs to be done to get my body, my health, and my mental well-being back to where it needs to be. I want to have the energy to play with my kids, to be able to bend over and tie my shoes without a struggle, and to walk up 6 stairs without getting winded!  Sure weight loss is ONE of my goals-- but it's not for vanity reasons (although looking good IS a bonus!). I want my kids to be proud of me; I want to not be embarrassed when I look at family photos; I want to feel like I DESERVE my husband's never-faltering adoration. I want to be able to DO things, to serve others, and to be confident in myself.


This time around, I have no expectations that my family will get on-board. But, they say that they WILL support me. My husband says that he will "do it with me," but I know that he won't stick to it, and I'm okay with that. He has to be responsible for his OWN health. I wish I could say that I'll be feeding my kids a mostly Whole30 diet, but I can't manage that right now. They're still grazing on the "off-limits" foods (Sorry Melissa, I can't afford to throw out food!), but when that's all gone, they'll be at the mercy of ME-- the grocery-shopper. :)  I don't have unreasonable expectations for them, but I DO hope to make some delicious food that they will enjoy and show them that good healthy habits don't have to be miserable.


I don't know that I will have time to participate in this forum much over the next 29 days, but I appreciate any loving encouragement you can send my way!


With kindest regards--


:)  flo


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