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Jordan's 2nd Whole30


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I finished my first Whole30 this April. I had amazing results. My non scale victories outweighed my numbers, which is crazy because I lost a whopping 15 lbs. May brought some stressful times and then June brought vacation. Now I'm ready to start up again. I miss the energy but most of all I miss the SELF EFFICACY! So here we go.

Day 1

Exercise: Rowed 5410m / 30:00 min

B: hard boiled egg and white peach

To be continued...

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Day 1

Lunch: Cup of chicken bone broth, blueberries, carrots, 1/2 bottle of kombucha

Snack: Epic sesame chicken bites and watermelon

Dinner: Nom Nom's cracklin' chicken and sauteed bell peppers

Rating 4/5: need veggies at snack time

Day 2

Breakfast: Pederson's bacon, eggs with Frank's Red Hot, strawberries and raspberries, coffee

Lunch: Bacon and cantelope

Dinner: Rib eye, cucumber melon salsa, roasted potatoes

Rating 3/5: lunch was meagre so I got too hungry right before dinner and felt a little sick; should get a snack in there too

Tomorrow I'll make some mayo so I can have egg salad and chicken salad for snack and lunch with veggies

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Day 3

B: leftover roasted potatoes and grapes

L: egg salad with Well Fed mayo in lettuce wrap and banana

S: white peach

D: leftover rib eye, roasted potatoes, melon cucumber salad

Rating 3/5: need to include protein in my breakfast and snack; made hardboiled eggs for breakfast but got distracted and didn't eat them until lunch; should also get those veggies into my snack too

Tomorrow I'll start the day by slicing up some cucumber and defrosted ground beef for dinner

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Day 4

B: hardboiled egg and granny smith apple

L: beef stew

S: green grapes

D: lettuce wrapped hamburger with Pederson's bacon, Well Fed mayo, Trader Jo's yellow mustard, last of the roasted potatoes and cucumber melon salad

Rating 4/5: pretty good; didn't let myself get hangry; still going to strive for a more substantial snack though

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