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Whole60-Day 41, few results...getting frustrated!

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I apologize in advance for the long post!


I started on Whole30 with the intention of completing the 30 days then start reintroduction, but I felt at the end of 30 days I had not seen full benefits of the program (lots of energy, healthy digestive tract, overall feeling great, etc.) and decided to make it a Whole60. I'm on day 41 with no cheats and have had a few NSV (my skin looks better, I went through period of time where I had more energy, less sugar cravings). However, I feel like I'm not getting any major results and am not sure if I'm "doing something wrong" or not.


My initial thought was my digestive tract/hormones/immune system may need more time to adjust, which is why I added an additional 30 days. A little background on me...I'm 29 yo high school science teacher, healthy-ish weight (I mean, who doesn't want to lose 5-10lbs?!), but workouts are not very consistent. My diet pre-Whole30 was okay/decent; had a major sugar dragon and oscillated between pretty healthy to sugar/salt/fat overload. I would say my family thinks of me as the "health nut" (minus the occasional binge). Overall I have an athletic frame and am in good health. I will say over the past few weeks I have been pretty stressed at work and have not been getting enough sleep/working out.


What am I MOST frustrated with is that fact that I still have digestive issues like bloat (constantly), constipation (or its opposite), etc. I actually don't feel like my digestive system has felt "normal" since starting. I stick solely to Whole30 meals so this is very frustrating! It seems like my digestive tract should be adjusted by now, especially since I had a fairly healthy diet before starting. I tried adding some Kombucha to get additional probiotics (tried over 2 days last week) and ever since have been experiencing constipation (and its opposite). I understand the Kombucha may cause some digestive changes, but it seems to me it should have evened out by now! And this constant bloating is VERY frustrating! It makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong :(


I lost 4 lbs on my first 30 days, but have a feeling that it is either gained back or has stalled (not weighing myself until day 61, but my clothes don't fit any differently and haven't seen/felt any changes in over all body composition). I know it's possible to overeat on any diet, but it seems the point of the program is to listen to your body and eat until satisfied and not worry about calories, which is what I've been doing. I don't feel overly stuffed when I eat.


Any insight anyone has would be greatly appreciated! It seems after 40+ days on this program I would have seen/felt some substantial changes besides just better skin (which is awesome, don't get me wrong) so it leads me to believe there is something I am doing wrong...maybe not enough sleep, not enough veggies, too much fat/protein/carbs, too large of portions, not enough physical activity are the things that come to mind. I had pretty high expectations for Whole30 and believed I would come out on the other side feeling awesome, and I'm just not there yet. I'm not giving up, but I am VERY frustrated and disappointed with myself right now. 


Thanks for your help! 






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Yep, there a number of things that can cause digestive distress & bloat, but without knowing what exactly you have been eating we couldn't possibly comment. If you'd like to post what you have eaten over the past 3-4 days providing specifics on portion sizes & veggies types, liquid intake & activity levels we'd be better equipped to help you troubleshoot.

I'd point out even now though that your stress levels & lack of sleep are most likely impacting your overall health a lot more than you realize (think of how much stress is said to be a factor in IBS for instance) - and even if you don't take on board any of our suggestions around your food intake you will need to work on improving both of those issues to see improvement.

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