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R1D11 Newbie here, Hello everyone


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Hi everyone! >waves Hello!  

I am on R1D11. I am new to whole30. My wellness coach suggested I try it to really help remove my inflammation symptoms all over my body. So far so good. Feeling good. Had a digestive issue Day 9. Due to a deeper cleanse. But everything worked out by day 10.


A few tips I have for my whole30 so far...

  1. plan plan plan. Plan out my meals ahead of time or I am left with nothing to eat and have to run to the store. 
  2. I am enjoying my raw vegetables more than cooked ones.
  3. I also enjoy a hamburger for breakfast because I am not a egg person at heart. 
  4. prep prep prep, really helps me eat my fruits and veggies if I prep them ahead of time
  5. Sugar is my enemy, this plan is doing me good with no sugar in my diet.
  6. No fruit before 12 noon. 

How am I feeling? Good, energy now better but some days I still need an afternoon nap, less joint pain to almost no joint pain. Yay! for that. Also not hungry, my appetite is adjusted well to this program. 


Something new to me, black coffee! Never thought I would drink black coffee! 


What are some of you favorite things about whole30? Introduce yourself below if you wish. Best wishes to everyone on their own whole30 plan! 



Rebecca B. :wub:

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