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Healing myself with food


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Hi everyone. I am on Day 3 of my first Whole30. I looked at this food plan years ago, but never felt ready or able to commit. But I am now. Fast forward to a 20 kg weight gain, a lot of join and bursitis pain, and a general lethargy. I am ready. I really need to do this for my health. I haven't really wavered yet, because I am busy , but every time I think about how hard it might get, I just remind myself of how much pain I am in with my hips.


I was morbidly obese in my 20s, and then found a very restrictive, 12 step food plan that saw me lose 50kgs. I kept it off for 20 years. But the arrival of my very challenging second baby saw me throw my hands in the air and I started drinking alcohol again, and lots of milky coffees , and grain etc. I have gained 20kgs back and feel terrible.


So here I am. I spent the last week in Bali on holiday with very sore hips and hobbling around in pain. I decided it was more important for me to sort my health out with food, than it was to keep eating and drinking that way. So here I am .



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