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KT's first W30


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I started on June 13, but I am officially starting to log my meals today, day 8. After experiencing hangover-like symptoms on day 7, and consequently analyzing my last three days of eating, I (along with the help of one of the moderators!) determined I am not eating enough fat with my meals. So, maybe I need a place to write this stuff down to help me make sure I'm feeding myself properly. So, today's plan (I've already had breakfast):


B: pork roast with homemade mayo, zucchini soup, sweet potato with clarified butter

L: chocolate chili with avocado, green beens and broccoli with sunshine sauce, strawberries

D: pad thai (chicken leg/thigh, eggs, snap peas, spaghetti squash, sunshine sauce), salad (lettuce, olives, carrots, homemade vinaigrette)

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Day 9 - starting to feel some of that tiger blood! I'm usually a tired wreck after lunch, but today I stayed productive and wasn't even interested in a nap, which is a bad habit I slip into in the summer. Woo-Hoo! Still feeling a little light headed now and then, so I'm going to continue watching my fat intake and adding a bit more salt to things.

B: pork roast with homemade mayo, sweet potato with clarified butter, zucchini soup

L: chocolate chili, salad (lettuce, olives, carrots, homemade ranch dressing), strawberries

D: pad Thai, green beans and broccoli with clarified butter and salt

I plan on running tonight, so I will have a hb egg and a few nuts beforehand, with dinner afterward.

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Day 10 - 1/3 of the way through! I earned my first self-imposed incentive today: a mani/pedi.

I gave plasma today, so I had a snack about an hour afterward. I get super hungry and thirsty after giving plasma, so I needed something to get me through until dinner.

B: pork roast with homemade mayo, sweet potato with clarified butter, zucchini soup

PWO: hb egg with salt, spaghetti squash with Italian herbs and salt

L: chocolate chili (the last of it!), carrots and snap peas with ranch, olives

D: pad Thai (the last of that, too!), kale chips, roasted radishes and radish greens

Snack: Apple and almonds

Running was ridiculously hard last night, and my bike ride today was kind of challenging, too. Continuing to play around with fats and salt to see if that helps.

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Super active day today! 4.5 mile hike around Devil's Lake, and than a 1.5 hour long kayak around the lake. Phew!

B: 2 eggs, roasted pork with mayo, green beans, broccoli, zucchini soup

PreWO: hb egg, olives

L: pork w/mayo, spaghetti squash, carrots, snap peas, grape tomatoes, ranch

PostWO: almonds, hb egg, apple

D: chicken thigh/leg w/mayo, roasted turnips and greens, kale chips, strawberries

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