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Reintroduction fail!

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My very first Whole 30 ended a few weeks ago. Since then, everything I've tried to reintroduce has been an epic fail. I get cramps, gas, bloating, diarrhea (sorry, but it's true), racing heart, achy joints. I tried fresh corn, which I loved and ate regularly without issue before W30. Nope. Grains? Uh-uh. Cheese? Okay, but just a little or else my stomach rolls. I haven't even approached legumes yet. And, silly me, after trying all these foods independently I had pizza last night. I had been craving it something fierce the last couple days and thought, you know what? If I really really want it this bad, I'm going to have it. BIG mistake. All day today I've had the nausea of a pregnant woman to a point of zero appetite and feeling like I might vomit. My knees ache as if I have arthritis. I have low energy and got not even halfway into my daily walk before I had to just quit.


As of today I'm back on W30 until I figure out what to do. At this point I'm ready to just go headfirst into a Whole 100! Anyone else have the reintroduction blues?

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