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Cholesterol : Particle Size, not Totals

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I've read through some past threads re: cholesterol, so I know that this forum is very savvy when it comes to understanding cholesterol readings and what they do and do not indicate.


I'd be curious to hear from anyone who successfully affected their cholesterol particle size using a Whole30 or Whole30-ish diet.


My cholesterol is evidently not the right shape and size. Not enough of the big fluffy stuff, and too much of the small dense stuff. (My doctor is not focusing on the top line numbers, which would be borderline high in a conventional cholesterol interpretation.) These readings were taken before my Whole30, but I was not a big carb and sugar eater at that time. I'm focusing on two levers -- alcohol consumption and exercise. The labs also turned up a casein sensitivity, which could have been contributing to overall inflammation. (I'm just starting the reintroduction phase, so I may have been eating other things that were causing inflammation.)


I'm just getting started, but I'd be curious to hear others' experiences.



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