Sophia's first whole 30


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B: egg bake with veggies and 1/4 avocado

L: huge salad with tuna, 1/4 avocado and homemade mustard/olive oil/lemon juice dressing

D: this was a fail. I made chicken in the crock pot and it was super dry. Also had steamed broccoli and sautéed cabbage. I'm going to need a snack before bed because I didn't eat enough

Day 1 was harder than I expected. Some of my prep was a fail, like my mayo and chicken. So unfortunately that messes with my lunch plan for tomorrow. I'll have to scramble something after the kids are asleep to pack. I'm also really craving sugar, soda and carbs. And it's the days not even over yet!

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Hi Sophia! Congrats on starting your first Whole30, and welcome to the community. Sorry the first day was rough. I'm there with is day 1 of my 2nd whole30 (after 3 yrs), One thing I learned last time...stick to the plan, eat enough, and hang will get better eventually. Oh, and  I hear you on the food prep...tonight for dinner I made the toughest steak you have ever seen!  Anyway, nice to meet a fellow sojourner...see you around!

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Glad to meet someone starting the same day!

Today was much better. I felt really good all day. A slight headache in the morning. And I made more mayo tonight that is decent. Yay!

Day 2:

B: 2 scrambled eggs, salsa and 1/2 avocado. A few cashews and raisins

L:large salad topped with veggies, chicken, sunflower seeds, olives and oil and vinegar.

S:hot tea and a few more cashews and raisins

D:stuffed pepper (meat and zuchinni) and carrots.

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Hi Sophia,


The way that you will get the best possible results from your Whole30 is to follow the recommendations as well as the rules.  One of the main recommendations is to eat three meals a day, spaced about 4-5 hours apart.  Whole30 frowns on snacking, especially on something such as nuts and dried fruits.  If you are legit hungry between meals, have a mini meal of protein, fat and veggies.  If you can't manage all three, try for protein-fat or protein-veg.


Also, take another look at those raisins.  Compliant raisins are really hard to find, they are usually coated in oil.  Remember that canola and sunflower/safflower oil are only compliant when eating out, not for items you purchase and bring into your house.  Finally note that if you are using cashews (the sweetest and most "carby" nut) and raisins to satisfy between meal hunger, you could unintentionally be fuelling any sort of sugar/snack dragon you might've come to Whole30 with.  Really think about why you are choosing the cashew & raisin combo and then consider changing that relationship if it could be a sticking point for you.

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Day 3:

B: 2 scrambled eggs, spinach, zuchinni, avocado and salsa. Didn't finish it all.

L: 1/2 leftover stuffed pepper and extra filling.

D: 2 pieces of fish. Spinach, sweet potato and a little pineapple. Oh and tarter sauce from my mayo and chopped compliant pickles.

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