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Prior to Whole30:

Constantly hungry,always eating.

Eating my kids left overs.

Feeding the kids and not thinking about my food habits.

Eating out of emotions or boredom (I didn't realize I was doing this).

Gaining weight, not fitting even my biggest clothes.

Weighed more than I did when I was pregnant!

Carbs, topped with carbs and a side of sugar. ☺

After Whole 30:

Not hungry because I gave my body what it needed- healthy food!

I ate more veggies than I have in my whole life combined!

I've lost weight before, but this is the first time I've been HEALTHY.

Down a size and a half, a bra size, and 13 lbs. It is so nice to fit into my clothes!

I think about what I eat and don't eat out of stress or habit.

What I did:

To stay motivated, I read ISwF at the beginning, read this blog and as much info I could about eating clean. I joined FB groups on clean eating and Paleo to keep motivation in my news feed.

This won't work for everyone, but I basically ate the same foods every day. I sauteed veggies (tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini), added a protein (eggs or tuna, sometimes chicken). Sometimes I'd eat it with a sweet potato or white potato but not every day. I just don't have time or focus to try a bunch of new recipes.

If I was hungry between meals I'd try a glass of water with ice and lemon. If I needed a snack I'd just eat a small version of a meal.


I'll keep going! Why stop? Maybe I'll I introduce new foods when I'm down to a weight I like but for now I want to keep losing!


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Sounds like great success! I tend to experiment with different food more - I like a variety in my meals. Did you eat any fruit? I know we're not supposed to focus on it, but the fruit this time of year is so wonderful! I have been eating berries, watermelon, bananas and apples - about 1 or 2 servings per day. 

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