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blood levels question

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Hi there! I'm Day 30 of my second Whole 30. My first was last year.  Yesterday, I went for my health insurance checkup, where they perform an instant blood screening.  I received "borderline high risk" for my HDL level, which is of concern to me. I had the same testing completed last year (before I did my first Whole 30) . I'll include last year's numbers and this year's numbers. I hope someone can help me make sense of them. Is there something I should be tweaking in my Whole 30 program? I have been compliant with the program as written for the masses. 


Screening                   2015                       2016

Total Chol/HDL           158/74                   147/48

BP                              120/80                   120/68

Glucose                      97                           86

Triglycerides               115                         84



Many of the other numbers are an obvious improvement, but the HDL thing has me concerned. The health insurance program is obviously very attached to standard american dietetic guidelines and standard measures of health.  Should I be concerned?  I plan to see my regular physician in late July to discuss, but wasn't sure if the forum would have any other thoughts on it.  


Aside from this, it's been a great Whole 30!  Dresses are zipping that weren't a month ago. I feel less bloated and puffy.  The energy is definitely there.  And I am reminded that I enjoy eating this way!


I am heading out for vacation in a couple days. I plan to stay mostly compliant, and then begin another full-on Whole 30 when I return.  Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Your chart looks wacky to me. Are you sure you don't mean "LDL/HDL"? Because 147 is on the high side for LDL, not total cholesterol. And HDL is the good cholesterol so higher is better.

In any event, an ACCURATE cholesterol test requires fasting. Get a proper test before you see your doctor.

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It was a fasted test.


This year total cholesterol was 147 and HDL was 48. LDL was 99


Last year total was 158 and HDL was 74.  


I was not told that my total cholesterol was high. I was told that my HDL level was "borderline high risk".  All of my other numbers were in the ideal or low risk categories. 

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