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Hello all from the Pacific Northwest!

William Charles

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Thought it was about time we stopped by and introduced ourselves. My wife, Kira, and I are now on our third day of our first whole30. Having been married now for going on seven years we both had let our diet and fitness slide. We'd talked for long times about "finally" taking our health seriously but nothing really changed. A couple months back my wife mentioned she'd heard of a nutrition program that was yielding great results for many people. Soon after we bought the book and started discussing it. At first, I was skeptical but ended up reading though it two times and was sold. I had long read about Paleo since back when I was still active in the Crossfit community so I knew the science was sound but the tough love really clicked with me. We decided to go for it. 

 As recommended, we planned in advance how we were going to start and succeed with our lifestyle changes. We decided that the day after my 35th birthday, June 18th, we would begin our challenge. I considered it a birthday gift to myself that was long overdue. Prior to our date we cleaned out all our non-Whole30 compliant foods, did our first shopping trip and let all of our friends and family know what we were getting into and how they could help. The day before, my birthday, we had an awesome dinner at my favorite french restaurant in Seattle, the Bastille. I could write a whole post on that meal. It was that good :)

But now we're off and running and, honestly, it's been better than I would have expected. Both of us have had a bit of the brain fog and crabbiness. Now at the end of our 3rd day, I can say we're doing better. We both still expect plenty of ups and downs but I know we will keep with it. We also are both LOVING the food. We spent quite a bit, and I've been living in the kitchen the past two days, but every meal is a reward for our hard work. It's also really fun to be making everything we're eating. A real confidence booster.

Anyway, once again, hello everyone.

Bring on day four!

Will and Kira


(This is our 5th anniversery in Kawaii back in 2015)


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