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Please Help! I am overeating/bingeing on nuts, nut/seed butter and fruit!!!

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Today is Day 11 for me, and I have been struggling severely with overeating/bingeing on nuts, nut and seed butter, and fruit. This started on the evening of my Day 9, happened around the same time on Day 10, and again this evening (Day 11)! Really I am craving sugar-filled, non-compliant food, and instead of giving in to that, I have found myself in this situation with the nuts and fruit. It's like I am "giving in"...without actually "giving in".


First question...is this normal/has anyone else experienced this?


Other question...does this behavior mean I need to start my Whole30 over, or is this simply a rough patch in my program that I can expect to pass?


Any feedback on this topic is much appreciated!!!


Thank you!!




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Hi, SewSew, sorry you're having a rough time.


Eating too many nuts/nut butters is not cause to start over, as long as they were compliant (not roasted in peanut or soybean oil, for instance, or containing sugar or other off plan ingredients).


Nuts are often referred to as food without brakes around here (FWOB) -- it's not at all unusual for people to over eat them. They're very easy to eat, they aren't good at triggering your satiety signals (the thing that tells your brain, okay, that's enough food now), and they taste good, so if you're at all used to eating to deal with emotional stuff, like stress or sadness or even just boredom, they're an easy thing to grab in those moments. Many, many people find they just have to not buy nuts or nut butters for a while to break them of this habit.


As Karen mentioned, there are other fat sources you can try.  Additionally, I'd encourage you to let us know what you have eaten the last day or two, including approximate portion sizes -- people often don't realize that they're not eating enough, and sometimes that's why they eat too much of some particular food. Do make sure your meals are meeting the meal template -- that will help you be sure you're eating enough.

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