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Can I have this Vegan Pumpkin Whipped Cream?


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Here is the recipe:


(Please don't call me names for all the other recipes that are posted on this site!)

If I were ditch the stevia, is this too close to SWYPO to make to top my coffee? Or berries? Or a spoon?

Is this perhaps a post whole30 treat?

Come one, come all and please weigh in!

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I think it is SWYPO, so consider it best as a post-Whole30 treat. And speaking from experience, I don't think this would taste very good without a serious amount of sweetener. I experimented with making paleo Pumpkin pie once upon a time and no version was worthy of eating. I combined coconut milk, pumpkin puree, apple juice as a sweetener, and spices and never found a combination that I didn't just throw away.

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