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I'm 7 days in already, but I just found this forum!


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Hi there!


I'm new to W30, 7 days into my first (and hopefully only) one. 


I feel like I'm 4 hours into an 18 hr flight and my brain is telling me "DON'T LOOK AT THE TIME!". I also hate flying.


So, I'm trying to take it day by day and in truth I am finding it a little easier as time goes on. In fact, it's a little bit easier than I expected if I don't think about how long I have left! 


Anyways, I'm hear to learn about my emotional relationship with food, what triggers me to reach for fatty sugary foods mainly. I have a few small and occasional health concerns that I am also be curious to see if W30 can affect: v mild alopecia; aches and pains sometimes; fatigue sometimes; the occasional bout of IBS and some headaches.


So far, the aches and pains are a little milder. Alopecia will take longer to judge. I'm starting to feel more energised as well. 


I would prefer to do something vegetarian as I'm not used to eating this much meat. But for 30 days I think I can handle it. 


And that's me!


I'd be interested if anyone else has had experience treating alopecia with W30... 


K x



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